Most tennis enthusiasts around the world look up to one of the Queens of the court: Maria Sharapova. She’s now earning millions of dollars as a professional athlete.

Despite her fortune, Sharapova reveals she doesn’t splurge herself in a lavish lifestyle, and she always make sure to save and invest her money. How did she do it? Let us uncover Sharapova’s secret behind her massive wealth.

Her Story

Even before Maria Sharapova reached the peak of her glory as a professional tennis player, she revealed her family grew up with little to nothing. She still remembers how she and her parents moved to the United States and her father invested in her tennis lessons with only $700 in his pocket. 

Her father's hard work and commitment inspired Sharapova to work hard in her tennis lessons as such a young age.

Her father’s hard work and commitment inspired Sharapova to work hard in her tennis lessons as such a young age.

While she attended Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Academy to hone her skills, her dad would work multiple jobs with minimum wages to cover their expenses like rents, food, transportation, and to support her tennis lessons.

Sharapova reveals how they used to sleep on a pull-out couch while squeezing themselves in a small apartment. They paid around $250 a month for their small apartment and a TV where she learned how to speak English.

Hard Work Paying Off

Despite the struggles they endured for a decade, Sharapova reveals all their sacrifices had paid off. Sharapova got her first tennis championship in 2004 when she won Wimbledon at the age of 17.

Since then, Sharapova won her five Grand Slam titles which accumulated to an astounding 560,500 British pounds! These victories uplifted their way of living as she continues to ace her way to becoming a professional player.

Sharapova revealed her childhood story when she published her book entitled Unstoppable.

Sharapova revealed her childhood story when she published her book entitled Unstoppable

Today, the 31-year old tennis superstar has an astounding $38 million net worth despite the WTA suspending her for 15 months. The magazines hail her as the highest-paid female athlete for more than a decade.

Despite her success, Sharapova revealed that she manages her millions carefully thanks to the kind of life she grew up. Sharapova doesn’t like to splurge herself in unnecessary expenses since she always treats her career like it could end tomorrow.

Her Business Ventures

This mindset enabled her to launch her own candy company in 2012. Sharapova’s goal is to build a lifestyle brand she can turn into if she decides to leave tennis.

 While it’s tempting to think you can have all the things you want in your life when you’re still young and successful, she urges everyone to consider the opposite instead.

Sharapova named her candy company

Sharapova named her candy company Sugarpova” from a combination of her name and her love for sweet treats.

She suggests to not rely too much on the fortune you have. Instead, think about reality and what would you do in case you cannot work on your career anymore. Sharapova also had an eyeopener when she recovered from a severe shoulder injury that forced her to stop playing tennis for a while.

The Realization

It was then she realized she needed to be realistic about her life and think of what can happen tomorrow. If she didn’t recover her injuries, she would’ve lost all her fortune and end up with nothing like when she was just a child.

Likewise, she urges everyone to prepare in case they leave working from their company, or if they have another competitor in the same industry.

Everyone should prepare in case their source of income will be cut off. Sharapova also revealed how money cannot buy your happiness, no matter how other people see money being the bottom line for everything.

While she recognizes the importance of money to buy things, she reminded everyone these materialistic products are nothing but temporary.

Instead of buying all these expensive things to make you happy, she urges you to bond with your family and friends instead. The laughter, hugs, kisses, and memories you gain from them not only will last for a lifetime, but they’re also free!

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