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Retirement Party – Step by Step Planning

Retirement is a reward you get after years of hard work, something like the long awaited weekend after a hard and long week. When someone you love finally reaches that peaceful time of their lives, you, of course, want to throw them a party to celebrate all the hard work they have invested before they came to where they are now.

“Retirement is like a long vacation in Las Vegas. The goal is to enjoy it the fullest, but not so fully that you run out of money.”  Jonathan Clements

Here are a few tips on how to plan a perfect retirement party.

 Get help from the friends, family and the former co-workers of the retiree

The more help you have, the better. If you have a lot of people who know the person well helping you plan it, you’ll make sure the party is a success.

 Plan a budget and stick to it

Parties are fun, especially if they’re extravagant, but you have to bear in mind that all of that fun comes at a cost. Maybe you won’t have to pay for everything yourself, you can ask for financial support from friends and family of the retiree, but the budget needs to be clear.

 Make a list of priorities

Once you know your budget, make a list of essentials, and then from top to bottom things that you need to buy – drinks and food and all the way down to things like party supplies. Your party priorities vary from the size of the party, the number of guests, the personality of the retiree, and many other factors.

 Make a guest list

Enlist the help of friend, family, and co-workers here as well. Since this isn’t your party you cannot be completely sure who to invite, so make sure nobody is forgotten.

 Chose a venue for the party

If the person for whom you’re throwing the party is reserved and enjoys the company of only the people close to them, you can throw a surprise party in their home. On the other hand, if you have a big guest list you could throw the party in a rented private space such as a restaurant. Just keep your budget in mind when choosing a venue.

 Send out invitations

The invitations should include the plans for the party — when and where it’s going to be held, what kind of food will be served, how long the party will last, if there is a dress code, and if there will be a specific theme.

 Get a gift

When choosing a gift for the retiree, make sure you get something that is appropriate and that they would like. Whatever it is — a new watch, a good book, or a gift card to their favorite store— just make sure it’s something they would enjoy. Something that would be a nice gift would be a memory book filled with photographs and sweet notes from their former co-workers.

 Choose a fun program for the party

A minute by minute schedule isn’t vital or even necessary, but it’s nice to have a timetable of when a certain activity should approximately take place. And if you’re planning speeches make sure to plan them at the beginning of the evening so everybody could relax and enjoy the party afterward.

 Hire a photographer

If your budget allows it, hire a photographer to take the pictures to commemorate the day and if not, ask one of the guests if they’d be willing to take a few photographs while they’re there. Documenting the party is a great way to remember it for years to come, and the photographs can be an additional gift at the end of the party.

 Plan a menu

If you’re not holding the party at a venue that already provides food, think about hiring a caterer. And if the budget doesn’t allow it, either make the food yourself or maybe suggest to the other guests a “potluck” event where each guest brings a little bit of food for everyone to share. If you’re doing that, make sure to make a list of what everyone is bringing to make sure that you have everything you need, without too much repetition.

 Create a seating chart

If the party is held at a bigger venue, create a seating chart, so the retiree’s closest people are seated next to them, and that everyone else can have fun with the people at their table.

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