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Rita Ora Wore $4 Million Worth of Jewelry to Cannes Festival, But She Forgot It on a Plane!

If you think that you’ve been having a bad day, wait till you hear about the person who almost mishandled Rita Ora’s $4 million worth of Jewelry! The singer tasked a trusted courier to transport her diamond necklace and earrings set that she was supposed to wear to the Cannes Film Festival but somewhere along the way from London and Paris, the parcel got misplaced and all hell broke loose.

Rita Ora loves her jewelry

The artist almost lost jewelry worth approximately $4 million when the woman instructed to deliver them to her left the gems on the plane. Rita was in France for Cannes, and she was meant to wear the jewelry for the festival but imagine her shock and horror when she found out that her jewels were gone.

Unfortunately, the courier (whose name hasn’t been revealed) forgot her luggage and her coat on the plane, meaning Rita had to wait longer for her gems to arrive. The unfortunate incident occured on May 16 on a flight from Luton to Nice.

Big Mistake

By the time the courier realized her mistake, the plane had already taken off back to London with Ora’s jewelry on board. A loss of jewelry worth that much couldn’t go unreported and The Telegraph did a good job of it. French channel LCI also covered the story, increasing the chances of having the courier’s luggage recovered.

Luckily enough, the gems were recovered as soon as the plane touched down in London. They were immediately sent back to the English singer, this time via a flight from Heathrow Airport.

Despite the delay in receiving her jewelry, Rita Ora showed up at Magnum Cannes (on May 16) rocking diamonds around her neck, complemented by matching earrings. The jewelry went well with her white dress, and you couldn’t even tell that it wasn’t what she was meant to wear.

The diamonds on her neck and ears were perfect!

The following day, the singer attended the Finch & Partners Dinner, dazzling everyone present in an all-black dress, designed by Michael Kors. Feathers embellished her sleeves, and they blended in perfectly with her black sparkly sandals.

Unfortunately, most of those expecting Rita Ora to step onto the red carpet for afAR Gala were disappointed as the 28-year-old was a no show. However, Olivia Culpo, Kendal Jenner, Winnie Harlow, and Dua Lipa all showed up, so the blow of having Rita absent was lessened.

Consistency is Key

Rita is fresh from a breakup, having split from Andrew Garfield two months ago. Speaking to PEOPLE earlier in the year, the English singer admitted to having difficulties finding the perfect designer for her.

She said that her body type is a bit complex, presenting a set of complications that many designers can’t cope with. Launching her collection in January, the singer was happy to say that she has never taken attacks about her body personally since she realizes that this is who she’ll always be. What she tries to do instead, is stay consistent in her fashion sense.

Rita showed up in black for the dinner

Luckily for her, she said, the fashion scene has never been cast in stone. Its ever-changing nature works to her advantage, as she can own whatever look she wants on the red carpet.

It apparently works for most of her friends, including Ashley Graham and Bebe Rexha, who like assuming there are no rules to fashion. Thinking about it, have you ever seen a Rita Ora fashion miss? Maybe we should also all assume there are no rules!

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