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Robots Replace Medical Staff In A Chinese Hospital

We are sure most of you have seen movies like Big Hero 6 or Real Steal and instantly dreamed of robots coming to real life. With how ahead technology is getting with Face ID or Virtual Reality gaming, robots are actually something that is relatively far from fiction these days.

Can you imagine a world where robots actually served as cashiers, waiters, construction workers, or even hospital staff? Might be amusing at first but are these robots actually posing a threat to our modern society? Is a war between humans and robots a possibility in the future?

Robots vs Doctors

Don’t think robots can’t be as advanced as they are in the movies? Well, it’s time for you to start accepting the fact that robots are real and they might even be taking over your jobs. They have been recently known for causing a shift in employment because a lot of jobs the were formerly done by humans are now being given to real life metal machines.

China has been one of the front-liners when it comes to science and technology and just recently, they introduced the Hospital Robot. Don’t get us wrong though, because these robots are still far from being human-like and are somehow showing a bit of resemblance to R2-D2 from Star Wars.

  Hospital robots in China

The hospital robots named “Noah” are found in the Guangzhou Women and Children’s Hospital in China. They are a total of eight robots who serve as some sort of a messenger. They are mostly used to transport medicines, documents, and hospital equipment. They are quite sturdy because they can carry things that weigh up to 650 pounds.

These robots are equipped with some of the latest technologies available. They won’t get lost in the hospital because they have GPS technology that can take them to any part of the hospital. Let’s just hope they know how to differentiate stairs from an elevator because the last thing the hospital would want is millions of dollars thrown away just because of an accident.

Robots In, Humans Out

The heads of the hospital put great trust in these robots. They trust in their potential so much that four hospital workers might actually have to say goodbye to their current jobs. You can compare this situation with people who used to work in parking lots. Ever since automated ticket machines were created, a lot of people who used to give and receive tickets at the parking lots lost their jobs.

These robots are said to ease the burdens of some nurses when it comes to going around the hospital. Some nurses seem like they’ve entered a walkathon with the amount of walking they have to do during a normal workday. “Noah” is not programmed to be a quiet machine for it can actually say phrases like, “Here I go!”, “I’m entering the lift!”, and “I’ve been obstructed!”

     “Noah” delivering medical supplies

They lower the risk of contamination that can happen in the hospital since they don’t contain any bacteria whatsoever. These high-tech robots don’t come cheap since they have a $100,000 price tag.

We wonder how much more will it cost the hospital for the maintenance of these robots…Thankfully, these hospital ‘helpers’ (or “Noah”) are still in a trial phase so no one has to be fired—yet. As of now, they are just used for the errands that need to be done for the hospital pharmacy and nurses station.

These hospitals robots seem pretty safe so far. We mean, it doesn’t really show potential threats like the lifelike robot Sophia who is equipped with artificial intelligence and is smart enough to engage in a conversation with a human being. We feel like humans have been watching too many movies that they already overlook the threats their lust for modern technology can bring. Elon Musk who is famous for SpaceX and Tesla already shared his thoughts about the risk artificial intelligence has added that an AI apocalypse is possible.

Who knows if humans will ever know their limits when it comes to technology. We wouldn’t want a scene from the Terminator to actually happen, right? For now, robots who help with everyday chores and activities are fine but what will happen when inventors actually build robots that can cover 100% of the things humans do?

Is technology taking over? Are we facing a no return point?

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