Diamonds are indeed girl’s best friend but these celebs seemed like they got a little overboard with their rings.

What are engagement rings really are for? Turns out that the engagement rings have to be diamonds because of the saying “diamonds last forever.”

Well, maybe for some but not with every celebrity since some of them got more than three rings from three different guys. But nonetheless, doesn’t really matter now does it? all we are here for is to see who has the most fabulous engagement rings.

Find out who has the most expensive and the most outrageous engagement rings in the Hollywood limelight. After all, it’s all about the rock…

Scarlett Johansson

The Avengers bombshell got engaged with her now husband Romain Dauriac on September of 2013. Johansson’s gorgeous custom-made ring is vintage inspired and has a 1.02 karat with the cushion-cut diamond. Different from the others, this particular ring is white gold in color. How lovely!

Angelina Jolie

Despite being recently separated with her Mr. Smith, we still can’t get over how pretty here engagement ring is. It is a 16-carat ring with an estimated value of $500,000 .The fact that Brad Pitt worked closely to a year just to get this ring right made it even prettier. Such a shame a ring cannot keep a couple together.

Hilary Duff

This is definitely what dreams are made of. Not just because it almost costs a million bucks, but because of how gorgeous this 14-carat ring is. Duff got engaged with hockey player Mike Comrie in 2010. The couple is happily married with a son. Now this is like #goals.

Margot Robbie

Well let’s just say that Harley Quinn will definitely want Margot Robbie’s engagement ring. Almost looking like a pink panther in real life. She met her fiancé in a set of a movie back in 2003 and she walked down the red carpet with that huge rock on her finger. Next time, it will be walking down the aisle. Can you hear the wedding bells?

Kim Kardashian

Some girls are simply just lucky enough to have such fabulous engagement rings. But the other girls like one the Kardashian sister, Kim is gotta be the luckiest yet unluckiest of them all. Her husband, Kanye West gave her a second engagement ring (just because he can afford it) worth $4.5 million. Oh, and it said to be one of the things the robber stole from her when she was in Paris.

Miley Cyrus

The former Disney child-star may have gone through some rough roads with her relationship with the Aussie cutie, Liam Hemsworth. They may seem to be doing just fine these past few months. But the heart-breaking thing is that when they broke up, Miley still wears her engagement ring from Liam. Oh my! The Neil Lane engagement ring cost about $250,000 with a 3.5-carat cushion cut. Well if I were Miley, I surely will never take it off.

Melania Knauss –Trump

How could forget about the engagement ring of the new first lady of the United States of America. Given by the president-elect himself, the Lawrence Graff’s rings are one of the finest jewelers in the world. He gave her a 15-carat emerald cut diamond ring. Wow, talk about luck.


Of course, Queen B has to be on this list. When she and Jay-Z secretly got married in April of 2008, the world was so surprised. But that doesn’t mean she got to hide her precious ring from us. He gave her what a queen deserves.

An 18-carat diamond with a price of over $5 million from Lorraine Schwartz, is considered to be one of the most expensive and astonishing engagement rings in Hollywood history. I mean just look at that, it literally is a huge rock.

Lady GaGa

The Perfect Illusion singer got engaged with actor Taylor Kinney but broke up just last July of this year. Ouch! He proposed to her last year on Valentine’s Day with a heart-shaped ring after four years together. And then all of a sudden, Lady Gaga was spotted WITHOUT HER RING! That obviously meant one thing. And nope she did not just forget to wear it.

And there you have it the top 9 celebrity engagement rings. Even if some of their stories aren’t ideal, it just shows they are just normal people like us. At the end of the day, a long lasting relationship is more than just a million dollar rock.

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