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The Safest Destinations For a Holiday 

People from all over the world consider going on a vacation annually. As such, they spend quite some time before they decide on a particular destination. They also consider various factors during this planning stage. Besides the costs, you should seek to understand whether the destination you choose is safe to travel, is not politically unstable and most importantly is not on the list of nations where travel has been restricted. To help you overcome this particular problem, we have compiled a list of the safest holiday destinations. 

When calculating the safety of a destination, the GPI identifies 23 indicators of peace. It takes into account matters like homicides, violent demonstrations, police officers, importation of weapons, and the potential for terrorist activities. These indicators are measured against the 32 drivers of peace. Among these are the freedom of the press, gender ratio, equality, infant mortality, and adult literacy rates. After that, the GPI calculates the ratings for each indicator from 1-5.  One is the most peaceful while five is the least.

 “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”— Marcel Proust

Given below are the safest destinations for a holiday. 


Among the world’s sixth safest destinations is Ireland. This nation has a base rate of homicides and incarcerations. Access to weapons is limited, and positive factors such as civil liberty and political stability are high.

The nation has a relatively small army and low military expenditure. The safety ranking in some areas such as perception of crime is likely, and the possibility of violent demonstrations does fall on some occasions. 


As a nation with one of the lowest homicide rates (presently below one for 100,000 people), Norway ranks highly within the measurement of safety and peace. Norway also has the highest life expectancy in the world. Furthermore, the country has reduced military involvement in international conflicts. It also has an effective network of social welfare programs, making it one of the safest destinations for a holiday.


Austria presently has the distinction of being one of the least violent nations in the world. Since 1955, Austria has officially taken a neutral stance by limiting its military power and its involvement in overseas conflicts. Moreover, Austria also has the lowest incidence of violent crime among all the 149 evaluated. Therefore, Austria can also be considered as one of the safest destinations for a holiday.


Japan is a signatory of the 1946 Constitution, which bans the maintenance of Armed Forces other than for reasons of self-defense. Its military expenditures are capped at less than 1% of the country’s GDP. Violent crime, civil unrest, and homicides are rare.There is limited access to weapons, and the respect for human rights ranks high. Japan is one among the safest destinations for a holiday if people are prepared to overlook its strained relationships it has with several neighbors, including China and North Korea.

There is limited access to weapons, and the respect for human rights ranks high. Japan is one among the safest destinations for a holiday. However, you need to overlook Japan’s strained relationships with several neighbors, including China and North Korea.


The increased political stability and the low incidence of violent crime make Iceland a destination not to be missed. The ratio of incarcerated citizens with a nice time is one of the lowest in the world, with just 29 people per every 100,000. The country does not have a standing army. Among all European nations, Iceland spends the lowest portion of the GDP on military expenditures.

New Zealand 

New Zealand is one of the safest destinations for a holiday. The confidence of the nation on its government and its prime minister is strong. However, it has a higher ratio of incarcerated persons than several neighboring countries. Violent crimes are also relatively rare here. New Zealand scores highly with global relationships, exhibiting harmony with its neighbors. It is not involved in international conflicts. New Zealand has low unemployment and high life expectancy. The population has adequate levels of education to be ranked as one of the safest destinations for their holiday.

Looking at the names, you may ask where the US stands on the list. Consider these factors:

  • The USA has the highest ratio of prisoners to the general population.
  • A large military capacity.
  • High crime rate.
  • Easy access to weapons.

Therefore, the US stands on the position of 85, which is just between Brazil and Angola. Remember that there are 149 countries on the list. 

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