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Scams Targeting Tourists In Asia

Throughout the world, one can find scams targeting tourists that are usually trying to extort money from gullible people visiting the area from different destinations. Asia, which is largely stricken by poverty, is no exception in this regard. In Asia, scams targeting tourists abound and they are usually playing the minds of individuals by trying to gain some sympathy.

Generally, tourists are aware they can be targeted by the locals and usually attempt to avoid mingling in crowded areas. However, they still find themselves falling prey to the scams designed for targeting tourists when they are swamped by the seemingly poverty-stricken locals in popular tourist attractions. It is these attractions we are talking about that have become popular for perpetrating scams targeting tourists and are even recorded as notorious for this reason. What is the method used when devising scams for tourists which in most cases make money for the perpetrators?

Buying Baby Formula For Kids

Many destinations in Asia are poverty-stricken and one can find begging is a popular profession among many around popular tourist spots. Despite tourists being warned not to give money to beggars who are usually professionals working for a gang, they still fall prey to some sympathy evoking setups when they are approached by local women asking them for help to buy baby formula for kids. This is just one of the scams targeting tourists in Asia because the women refuse money if offered and request the tourist to purchase baby formula at a store nearby. The beggars have a tie-up with the store which often sells the baby formula at inflated prices. This setup is such that the baby formula is returned to the store immediately after the tourist has moved away and the beggar gets a percentage of the purchase value, leaving the rest to the store simply for partaking in the scam. Tourists must understand baby formula is not the chosen food for children in Asia because milk from cows and buffaloes is a cheaper option and is often used by most.

Baby formula is not the preferred food for children in Asia.

The Tiger Temple of Thailand

The Tiger Temple Of Thailand drugged these magnificent animals

The Tiger Temple of Thailand was considered an amazing wonder because it was the one place where dangerous predators and humans could move around peacefully in harmony. Tourists were allowed to get close to the amazing animals for an exorbitant price simply to get a picture with these magnificent creatures and even pet them. The atmosphere around was made serene by monks clad in orange giving an impression that the place valued life highly according to Buddhist culture. Unfortunately, the Tigers and the monks also joined the list of scams targeting tourists because the magnificent animals were highly drugged and barely able to move. Tourists, however, were not subjected to this treatment because they were after all required to part with their hard-earned dollars. The scam was finally uncovered in 2016 when the Temple was raided and it was found that the monks had been involved in illegal trade of animal parts of these beautiful animals. The authorities even found tiger cubs plastic wrapped in huge freezers apart from tiger skin and other parts. The Tiger Temple was shut down but as it is usually the case, it is due to open under a new name shortly. Tourists visiting Thailand will do well to avoid the new Tiger circus which is likely to be functioning sometime soon.

The Safest Country In Asia Is Also The Drug Capital

Watch out for drug-spiked drinks in Roppongi, Tokyo

Japan has received the distinction of being the safest country in Asia and even in the world. High among the list of safe cities is Tokyo which is the capital and one of the happening places to party in Tokyo is Roppongi, which is usually catering to American military personnel stationed in Japan. This place also has the reputation of being notorious but people usually go by the reputation of the country and often fall prey to scams targeting tourists. Drugs are the most common method of trapping tourists when they are approached by gorgeous women who offer them drinks that are usually spiked. Many tourists have been scammed by enterprising criminals that have used this method and relieved the hapless victim of his wallet and perhaps every possible valuable he was carrying.

Do Tourists Need A Ceremony To Have Tea?

A Tea Ceremony can cost tourists hundreds of dollars.

This is usually promoted at tourist spots in China where young girls are hired to greet tourists and make offers of showing them around the area. Tourists probably find the opportunity exciting because the girls make attempts of speaking in English which is a rarity in China. After gaining the confidence of the tourist, they are usually ushered in to have tea complete with a tea ceremony. The tourists generally agree, believing that tea can only cost a few dollars which is usually not the case. On this occasion, they will be presented with a bill worth hundreds of dollars with no options to bargain or dispute but pay up without question. Tourists may decide to call the police that is also part of this scam and will be speaking in favor of the store owner purely in Chinese. Unless tourists make inquiries about the price for the tea ceremony, they can rest assured they are walking into one of the scams targeting tourists with wide-open eyes.

When traveling to Asia, tourists are advised to conduct proper research of the destinations they plan to visit as well as get information about any scams which are popular in the area. They must also be aware that criminal gangs are constantly innovating and could come up with fresh ideas with every passing day. Tourists are advised caution for their safety in a country or destination where everything including the language will be alien to them.

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