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Seven Best Jobs To Start Soon After Retirement

While at work, most of us desire for some time to fulfill our wishes like going on vacations or spending time with loved ones. However, when retirement approaches, we start feeling that we are going to miss the work.

There can be countless reasons to continue working even after retirement, like to stay physically and mentally healthy, or provides an additional source of income. You may wish to get a job in your own field with more flexibility, fewer work hours and stress, or you could just get started in a new career field. So instead of fitting your life around any job, look for something that allows you to pursue your interests. This can be a dream come true after retirement.

If you are planning to work after retirement, here are some of the companies on AARP’s list of the 50 best employers for workers over 50. 

“Retirement is the ugliest word in the language.” ~Ernest Hemingway

Check out these ideas to find a job that suits your post-retirement needs.

Work for Your Former Employer

If you were happy with the work you did before retirement, then consider working part-time for your former employer. Most employers hate to lose valuable employees, and maybe your old boss may jump at the chance to hire you back even if you demand a less intensive and more flexible work schedule.

Work as a Consultant

Retired people with advanced degrees or a specialized experience can consider a job in consulting. Consultants can leverage their years of expertise, training, and connections and set their working hours to avoid a full-time workload. When working as a consultant, think of ways to find more work once you are done with your current assignment. Taking on part-time jobs will also expand your network of professional contacts, which will help you find work in the future.

Start a Retail Business

Many retirees open their own retail businesses. If you’re having a large collection of any kind, dusty antiques, or books, you are already having the initial inventory needed for your own retail business.

The Internet has made it easy to start a new online business because of the relatively low overhead costs of selling and online advertising through eBay and Craigslist. Also, you can even sell items in a rented space at a brick-and-mortar store.

Look Out For Low-Stress, Part-Time Job

Image result for 8 Best Job Ideas After RetirementIf your goal is to stay active and in touch with other people, then look for low-stress work with less responsibility. Here are some of the most popular part-time jobs:

  • Retail Positions. They don’t pay high salaries, but they offer flexible schedules. They also exist everywhere.
  • Call Center Jobs. In this job, employees spend most of their time sitting and talking on the phone, which is good for seniors with low mobility.
  • Teaching Assistants and Tutors. People who enjoy working with students may enjoy working as tutors. Universities also hire teaching assistants for a small hourly wage.
  • Childcare Services. Childcare is a constant need for busy families. You can also babysit for friends, family, and neighbors for extra income. You can even offer daily childcare services in your home.

Find a Part-Time Job with Perks

Since payments are generally low, finding a part-time job with health insurance benefits and perks can make the job more appealing.

Work as a Temp

Image result for 8 Best Job Ideas After RetirementTemporary jobs are also a good opportunity for you to work with leisure. These jobs vary, but may also include general labor or office jobs such as bookkeeping, customer service, and data processing profiles. Assignments duration can range from one day to several weeks.

 Give Back

Some retired individuals want jobs that give them the opportunity to give something back to this world. Though these jobs pay very low wages, you could still consider fields like teaching, tutoring, or work at daycare centers.

Many people also enjoy volunteer positions, such as working with animal shelters. The Peace Corps is one such organization that accepts healthy older individuals, valuing their skills and life experience.

If you liked the idea of giving back, but you are also looking for income while you are doing it, then consider a job in the healthcare industry. You can also become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or certified nursing assistant (CNA) in less than one year.

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