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After Severing Ties with Kate and William, Harry and Meghan Launch Their Own Charity

Members of the royal family are a generous lot, and the Sussex couple is catching up. Taking to Twitter, Emily Andrews (royal correspondent) revealed that Companies House had just awarded the couple’s charity the certificate required to begin its operations, sharing an image of the document while at it.

The Sussex couple is catching up

Quite a Mouthful

Colloquially, Harry and Meghan’s charity will go by the name Sussex Royal, but its official name is actually Sussex Royal The Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Quite the mouthful, don’t you agree? Let’s hope that its existence will be just as long.

In her tweet, Andrews also shared that the royal couple would make half of the charity’s four directors, with the other two being Sara Latham and Natalie Campbell. Latham will take care of the PR side of things, while Campbell may be in charge of staffing seeing as that was her role at the Cambridge couple’s Royal Foundation.

Kate and William now run the Royal Foundation

In June, Prince Harry and his wife “washed their hands off” the Royal Foundation, leaving Prince William and Kate to run things as they saw fit.

The charity came to being in 2009, thanks to the combined efforts of William, Harry, and Kate. It was all in support of causes close to their hearts, most notably mental health and environmental conservation.

Upon her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle joined the foundation by default, but the Sussex couple have recently had a change of heart.

According to royal experts, the move is in line with one of the many ways Prince Harry is trying to chart a course different from that of his elder brother. We wouldn’t want the younger prince to be in his brother’s shadow forever now, would we?

Harry doesn’t want to forever be in William’s shadow

The move from Kensington Palace and into Frogmore Cottage was also received by many in this regard, and the fact that it happened at a time when it was rumored that Harry and William weren’t in speaking terms didn’t help matters.

The Sussex couple are now under the Buckingham Palace umbrella, with their own social media platforms and now a charity foundation to boot.

Actively Involved

The split up necessitated the hiring of new staff for the Sussex couple, and credible sources have it that both Meghan and Harry actively participated in the process.

Although being heavy with child, the Duchess took her time to go through various résumés, particularly for the private secretary position and their assistant. Samantha Cohen, the couple’s then private secretary, was slated to leave after Meghan’s delivery, hence the need to find a reliable replacement.

Among the individuals who landed lucrative positions in the Sussex team include Sara Latham, who has previously been mentioned. It turns out that the PR guru was recommended to Meghan by a close friend, and once she met the couple, they all hit it off. Latham just so happens to have a wealth of experience, having previously worked in both Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s camps.

Without a doubt, the world has got its eyes on Sussex Royal, eagerly anticipating the moves the Duke and his wife will make. They’ll deliver, no?

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