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SJP is Worth a Mile More Than Her Husband, but Is That an Issue in Their Relationship?

Although actress Sarah J. Parker is most famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw, a character that was the embodiment of staying single, she is actually totally different in real life. She is happily married to Matthew Broderick, and has been since 1997.

Happily married since 1997

The couple has three kids, son James, born in 2002, and twin daughters Tabitha and Marion born in 2009 via surrogacy. Considering how fast celebrity marriages end up in flames, we must admit that Broderick and Parker must be doing a lot of things right.

Very Much in Love

Over two decades into their relationship, neither husband nor wife shy away from admitting that they are very much in love, and they never fail to mention that they are just as affectionate to their children. Talk of a happy family!

But as is the norm in Hollywood, celebrities have to deal with the rumor mills and tabloids, and it gets even more difficult for celebrity couples. Fortunately, Parker is an iron lady who doesn’t let anything get to her, and she has honed the skill of shielding her family from the nasties of it all.

Young and very much in love

Did you know that she was once involved with would-be MCU star RDJ? The two dated from 1984 to 1991, and if you know anything about that time in “Iron Man’s” past, then you know it was when he was dealing with addiction.

His drug problem is what ultimately led to the demise of his relationship with Parker, and it was while she was trying to move on that she met Matthew.

The two soon began going out and six years later, a surprise wedding that none of their family and friends saw coming went down. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress was all praises for her husband, saying that she wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to father her kids.

She also reiterated that they two are totally devoted to their family, and what more would kids want than two very loving and dedicated parents?

Loving and dedicated parents

Family First

Another thing, SJP doesn’t let their finances get in the way of running their family. Both she and her husband have had tremendous success in their specific acting careers, but who do you think has made more? As it turns out, Parker is the wealthier of the two with a net worth that’s more than double her husband’s.

At $100 million, SJP’s net worth eclipses the $45 million of Matthew, but at quick glance, would you ever notice the difference in their earnings? Additionally, the couple has time and again demonstrated that they choose to live frugally. Would you picture their kids wearing anything other than brand new designer clothes? You wouldn’t, but they actually don hand-me-downs!

Remember those tabloid rumors SJP’s family is subjected to? Just recently, she had quite a mouthful in response to a fake news story posted by the National Enquirer. Mentioning the tabloid by name, the actress called them out for harassing her and her husband instead of celebrating their 27-year-old relationship and 22-year-old marriage. Told you she’s an iron lady!

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