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Are You A Smoker? It Is The Perfect Time to Quit

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult undertakings for an addict. Experts even rated nicotine as more addictive than cocaine and heroine. Therefore, it is the most addictive drug out there. The main problem in cessation is the fact that it is so accessible that the mental challenge is just too much.

Also, quitting smoking is not a process that is uninformed. One recipe cannot possibly fit everyone and anyone. Each addict smokes for a different reason, and smoking habits also differ from person to person. One of the first steps you have to take if you want to quit is to understand what contributes to your smoking habit. And then, you need to consider the reasons for quitting.

So, what are the top reasons to stop smoking forever?

The reasons

There are many reasons you personally might have to stop smoking, from finances to home situations, but there are even more serious facts that you need to take into consideration.

  • Cigarette smoke causes 90% of all lung cancer in adults.
  • – Adult smokers are 25 times more likely to get lung cancer.
  • – Your family members and pets might suffer serious health problems because of secondhand smoke coming from you.
  • – If you smoke, you are in four times more risk of a death from a heart disease.
  • – Each year, 480,000 people die in the U.S. alone because of smoking. This means that one out of every five smokers dies.

And this is not even the entire list, it goes on and on. If this was enough, let us tell you right away that there is a multitude of methods to quit this habit without going to a rehab. You can try going cold turkey, or nicotine replacement therapy, or even electronic cigarettes.

But if I fail, are there rehab centers for cigarette smokers?

If you start looking, chances are good that you will not find rehab centers that treat only nicotine addiction, and most places that treat drug and alcohol addiction are ready to treat you. Speaking generally, nicotine dependence is not one of those for which you need to stay in rehab long-term, but we cannot say that it is a rule, since everyone’s different.

So, inpatient treatment might be necessary in extreme cases. Generally, rehab centers are well-equipped to deal with chemical dependencies, so you needn’t worry. Also, outpatient treatment is effective in the treatment of nicotine dependency.

Every facility has its own program, so they will operate differently. However, every outpatient program starts with a detox. It’s almost like going cold turkey, but in this version, you have experienced medical staff next to you to help with the symptoms of withdrawal. For most people, this is the hardest part, but when this is done with, the counseling phase of your recovery can begin. During this period, your body will be denied any form of nicotine. Talk therapy will also be used in order to help you comprehend your addiction and get through and over it.

If you tried to quit on your own and failed, then rehab might be the solution for you

No matter how hard you try, self-pacing the quitting process simply doesn’t work in your case? Maybe it’s time to find a professional center to help. Nicotine Treatment Centers are out there, and many of them can even be found online together with all the info you might need. You can find out which one is the closest to you, how much they charge and the type of insurance they accept.

One of the reasons to try and do it yourself is the fact that rehab is usually pricey. But if you do really need it, the positive thing here is that the stay time for this addiction is usually a lot shorter than the time required for other addictions. Still, don’t worry; a shorter stay does not mean that they will take your treatment any less seriously.

So, how much does it cost?

We got info from some of the rehab centers in the US that treat cigarette addiction. Here are some price estimates from different rehab centers:

  • $9,900 for 4 weeks, or $4,950 for 15 days, private pay.
  • $5,500 per day, for up to eight days.
  • $4,135 for one week.
  • $1,250 for one week.

As you can see, the prices differ greatly, so it is up to you to choose the one which suits you best.

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