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Do You Sometimes Feel Worthless?

After leaving your job, there are days when you feel desperate, worthless and inadequate. Has this ever happened to you? This feeling can happen even to people who are not retirees. They sometimes feel awful at work, or in love life, about their friendships. They feel trapped in a cycle of failure that they can do nothing about.

So, how can you manage these unwanted feelings and thoughts? How can you confront them and remind yourself that you are valuable, able, loving and loved?

Here are three truths that you need to have in mind when you feel worthless.

 You are not supposed to do everything alone

If you find yourself always putting on a brave face, acting like you have it all together being self-sufficient,  others might start believing that you really are. This is the point when they will stop asking if you are ok and if you need any help. They will comprehend that you can do it alone and that you don’t even want any assistance.

Acting like this can make you feel even worse. You don’t want to do and handle everything on your own; you never had to! So, here’s a challenge for you – be honest. Trust your family and friends. Share your problems with them and tell them what makes you feel as bad as you are. Explain just how badly you need their support and let them help you. Your burdens will become lighter! These people will give you the much-needed empowerment. They will offer encouragement and understanding.

And don’t worry that you will make their lives more difficult! The real truth is, you were never meant to go through life alone.

 You are valuable as a person for who you are, not for what you do

Some people will make you feel as if you are less worth than themselves. They will try to diminish you and make you feel as if you are nothing (or close to nothing). There will be situations when you will feel like your mistakes are so big that you will never be able to do anything to would rectify them. You should ignore (or better leave) such people from your life since this is all wrong. Don’t let anyone do this to you! Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself the opposite of what you have previously heard.

No matter what your opinion of yourself is, you have no errors in design, and no flaws exist in your construction. You are perfect as you are. Nothing that you do will make you more or less of a person. No mistake that you make can take value away from you! Nothing is beyond fixing, and whatever choices you make, you will remain the same as you are now – the immeasurably worthy!

“You are not worthless. Even if you’ve been called that your entire life.” — Kevin Walker

 You have gifts, accept and embrace them

Each and every person on the planet has strengths, gifts, and advantages of their own. It is impossible for you to be “ordinary” or “unexceptional.” The fact that you are still unaware of yours does not mean they are not there. Maybe you are a great listener, or maybe you are a problem solver. You might be the island of stability when everything goes crazy, or you might be the life of every party. Maybe you never noticed that you are great with words, or that you have a gift for reaching those who are closed up?

And guess what – you may never know what your strengths are unless you start believing you have them, and start exploring to find out what they are.

 Stay close to your friends and family

Ask people you love and trust—family,and friends—to tell you what are your greatest strengths. It is simple’ just go to them and ask, “Tell me, in just a few words, what do you think are my strengths?” The chances are they will all give you very similar answers. Those answers will help you see areas you are gifted in and understand the truth that you are valuable and that you have a lot to offer to the world and those closest to you.


We all struggle with these thoughts from time to time “I am worthless. I am nobody. I am nothing.” Sometimes, these thoughts come from problems, other times from mistakes we make, and sometimes from the bad relationships we are in—romantic or any other. When this feeling comes from the inside, you need to tell those simple truths from above to yourself.

Still, there are those situations when people who should love you and make you feel valuable make you feel like you are nothing. Unfortunately, only one solution exists here: send them away from your life. If they cannot see your value, they do not deserve to be there. As simple as that!

You are immensely valuable; you should always have that in mind!

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