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Son Got Bullied For Doing Something ‘Girly’, Dad’s Awesome Reaction Hit Waves Worldwide

There are all kinds of dads, perhaps as many as there are people. Surely there isn’t just one way to be a good dad, but it’s always amazing to see a parent standing up to defend their child – especially if it is done in a creative, unique way. Even more so when the parent is using a sticky situation to deliver a worldwide, human message that’s relevant to all people on earth. This is exactly such a story! When his son was bullied at school, this dad did not hesitate for a second to put his entire knowledge and everything he ever worked for at stake just to send a strong message to the world. The message resonates so strongly, that we really wanted to share it with you. Read on to find out what was the bold move this dad took on!

The Daddy Files

Meet Aaron Gouveia, father of three and the creator of a site called The Daddy Files. Aaron is also a director of a PR firm in Boston, as is mentioned in the bio on his site. Aaron’s website is where he blogs about his experience as a parent, which is primarily aimed at dads. But, as he says in the “About” section, moms make up for the majority of his readers and he is grateful. Aaron offers his readers insight into the honest and unaltered experiences, successes, and failures he faced while being a father and a husband.

Fourteen Years In Pursuit

This is Aarons wife, Martha Gouveia or M.J. He met her in middle school, but they weren’t friends and were in completely different social circles. M.J. moved to Pennsylvania and then to Cape Cod eventually. But as fate apparently saw fit, the two met again in college in the Berkshires. Aaron immediately fell for her, but it took six more years until he managed to win her over. So, it took thirteen years and eight months in total for them to get engaged, according to Aaron. They now have these three boys together.

A Man’s Man

At the center of this story is the couple’s middle son, Sam. Sam was born in 2013 and, in the words of his father, he is a terror. He is a “boy’s boy” as Aaron described Sam via social media. This means that Sam is rough and loud, likes to tumble, and is always dirty. He loves trucks, sports, and even knee drops Aaron from the couch. However, he also likes “girl” things like makeup, nail polish, and purses. Aaron was already blogging about his family long before this incident.

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