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Do You Suffer From Diabetes? This Article Is for You!

Being in a situation in which you must constantly think about every meal you take and keep your diet as diabetes-friendly as possible is no easy task. Also, some of the tips that are out there are not really helpful. However, we are here to help you differentiate between good and bad tips, and try to offer some advice.

“Get off the Medical System and onto the Self Care System” — Nina Leavins

 About snacks

Avoiding snacks is one of the advice that a lot of people are more than happy to throw the way of individuals with diabetes. However, it is not quite that simple. If your meals are separated by more than five hours, a snack during the day might help you a lot in regards to your blood sugar levels. Simply remember to check with your doctor about that.

Have a snack, not an extra meal

This is a rule that applies to everyone, not just those who suffer from diabetes. Snacks are a dangerous thing. The idea behind them is to fight your hunger, not to give you something to do while bored, or simply craving chocolate. Therefore, if you do get hungry, have a snack. However, try limiting it. As we have said, it is not a meal. Do not allow yourself to go over one hundred and fifty calories per snack.

Do not believe the advertisers

A lot of companies will now offer a low-fat or even a fat-free version of their products and advertise those versions as being good for your diets. However, they can still be incredibly high in caloric value. So, even if you took a fat-free cookie do not believe it gives you the freedom of eating a bunch more than you would regular ones. Just behave like they are full-fat variants and eat appropriately.

Always check the macronutrients

As it is expected, carbohydrates are the macronutrients that raise your blood sugar levels quickly. Therefore, you might want to keep them in check. If you still want a carby snack, keep it small and eat carbs that are better for you. A piece of fruit or a quarter cup of trail mix would be great. You can even have some oatmeal as long as it is without added sugars.

Do not eat your snacks from a big bag

One of the biggest threats of snacking lies in the fact that it is too easy to get carried away and keep eating. Buying your products in bigger bags makes it even easier. So, simply try purchasing the smaller version of the bag. Unfortunately, for some, this might be a bit too expensive. In that case, still purchase the bigger bag, but before taking your snack, pour it from the bag to the container you will eat it from, and only put the amount you believe is appropriate.

Take a Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a tasty snack that is low in carbs and high in protein. So, off the bat, you know it is good for you. The ability to add just a little fruit on top of it and turn it into a delicious snack simply makes it too good to skip.

Raw vegetables are the best!

If your taste allows for that, having raw vegetables is a great way of satisfying your mid-day hunger. Cucumbers, carrots, peppers, broccoli, or whatever you enjoy. You can always have a light salad dressing to go with it.

Make a delicious smoothie

A banana smoothie is delicious as we all know. And best of all, you can make it into your mid-noon snack. Chop up a half of a banana, add 3/4 cup of nonfat plain yogurt and blend away. If you dislike the taste of bananas in your smoothie, you can always substitute it with strawberries, mango, or even tomato (we won’t judge)

Have a cup of soup

If you have enough time to do so, prepare a vegetable soup by using vegetables that are low in starch like onions, spinach, celery or green beans and add some chicken stock. It is great for your health, low in carbs, tasty, and filling. Just remember not to eat too much. It is still supposed to be a snack, not a meal.

Apples are obligatory

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the world. And there is a reason to it. They lower cholesterol, fight free radicals and are packed with fibers. Do not remove the skin as it is really good for you.

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