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The Amazing Story Of Tim McGraw And Faith Hill: 21 Years Of Love And Success Ended With A Huge Announcement

With earnings of almost $150 million and properties around the world, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are some of the biggest names in country music. They managed to stay married to each other and keep their spark alive even after all these years. Their individual earnings allow them to live a comfortable life with their kids, and theirs looks like a charmed life. Of course, there must be a secret to their strong marriage and it sure can’t just be their huge joint bank account… Believe it or not, they had some obstacles along their way, but looking at how they handled them, we can learn a thing or two from how this lovey-dovey couple treats each other. You didn’t actually think that things were all smooth-sailing for them, did you? Not by a long shot! And the biggest surprise didn’t come until many, many years down their shared path. Take a look and see if it’s as shocking to you, as it was for us…

Fast Times in Nashville

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Back in 1994, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were like many other musicians trying to make it as country superstars. While both had recorded successful debut albums, they had dreams of even bigger earnings like country legends Johnny Cash or Reba McEntire. Tim and Faith first made each other’s acquaintance at a music festival in Nashville and while we can’t be sure what sparked their connection, it may have been their shared difficulties in childhood. Tim spent the first 18 years of his life believing that his stepfather was his biological father, while Faith was adopted at birth and lied to about her biological mother’s reasons for giving her up.

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