The Most Luxurious Celebrity Private Jets & Yachts

Wayne Rooney – Pershing 90 Yacht, Estimated £3 Million

To be a footballer….. What a life! With all the money they make, they can afford all forms of luxuries. Not only their private planes, extravagant homes, and flashy cars, their lavish yachts are a pleasure to envy as well. Now, we have all heard of Wayne Rooney . Let’s see his modes of holiday transport.

Rooney has a Pershing 90 yacht comprising a media room, five bedrooms, five bathrooms and can hold up to eight guests. The 91 feet long super boat comes with its own detachable jet skis as well. In addition, Wayne also has a Dassault Falcon 900LX jet that is valued at 15.8 million euros.

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