The Most Luxurious Celebrity Private Jets & Yachts

Cristiano Ronaldo – Azimut-Benetti Superyacht, Estimated $7.6 Million

Ronaldo has been photographed on-board numerous yachts over the past, including famous Africa I, which he used to sporadically would charter. However, reports in 2020 have indicated that he might own a yacht. It is none other than the 88-foot long Azimut-Benetti superyacht, built in Italy.

The premium customized yacht comprises five luxurious cabins, six bathrooms, a spacious lounging area, two relaxation areas, and a contemporary kitchen. That’s not all Cristiano has to his name; he is also the proud owner of not one but two private planes. He owns a Gulfstream G650 worth approximately $65.5 million and a Gulfstream G200 that he bought for about $25 million.

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