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Things To Remember When You’re on Vacation

Being on vacation feels like heaven after the pressure from work. This is the time to forget the busy routine and long hours of work. Finally, there is a beautiful, relaxing site to explore and you have everything you need. Oops! Until you realize you forgot your sunblock, your bikini, or worst, you are held at the airport. Bummer, eh?

Here are some of the things you should remember when you’re on vacation:

“On vacation, you can wear all the colorful and casual clothing that you like, but you must always be elegant.”Christian Dior

Make a Guide 


It is important to make a checklist to avoid forgetting the things you needed to do before, during and even after your trip. In this list includes your master plan. Start from general to specifics. How much is your budget? How long will your vacation be? Where do you want to go? Find hotels or inn near your destination, and places to visit and explore. Start the list of activities you could do on vacation. Book a ticket and a hotel accommodation.

The Budget 

You have probably saved enough for the vacation. The question is, what can you do with your budget? Determine your allotted money for your hotel stay and adjust what your budget could allow you. Conduct research on available hotels. Determine how much you wish to spend on foods and the activities on vacation. Also, allocate some budget for souvenirs to remember your trip.


After setting your destination and your activities, you have more or less clue about the clothing statement you want to carry during your trip.These include swimwear on beaches, hiking boots in mountains, formal dresses for a formal dinner, a sweater for cold nights, and casual wears for daylight. Go for fabrics that are light to accommodate more clothes in luggage and to avoid getting them heavy. More importantly, dress to your comfort.

Hygiene and Beauty Care

Do not forget your toiletries if you want to have your own preference of soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. Don’t leave you sunblock, sanitizer, and lotion. It also helps to bring make up. Although it is highly encouraged to use minimal make up while on vacation, you never know who you’ll meet or bump into and have dinner with. Bring a clean towel if you can.


While it’s best to stay away from your gadgets on vacation, it is important to bring them and a charger as well. You still have to be partly connected to the world once you decided to take a leave. They may be family members or work emergencies that you need to attend to.

First Aid 

Prepare some band-aids and over the counter medicines to avoid headaches and frustrating vacations. You do not need to bring a hospital worth of medication. That means the basic medicines and first aid paraphernalia you might need while on your travel.


Your luggage should have no more than 100 ml in hand luggage. You can buy more liquids after reaching your destination. But if you need to hydrate yourself frequently and insist on carrying more, put it in your checked in luggage.

Name Tags 

Unless you have a hold departure order, ensure to put a name tag on your suitcase in case the airline loses your luggage. Most suitcases already come with name tags as a standard, so there would be no problem in filling them up.



Your clothes must be folded in a manner that maximizes the space in your luggage. Do observe the restrictions of the allowable weight of your baggage or add extra cash. What’s worse is to lose that extra weight and give up some of your clothes. Weigh them ahead of time before you go to the airport. Also, don’t hate the airline. Restrictions are there for a reason. It is better to be safe than sorry.


This space refers to the extra space you have to leave vacant in your suitcase. It is always important to leave some free spaces for the new things you can take with you when you return. You can’t fill it up and expect to store more in the future; there is a limit baggage can take.


Know what footwear to bring. See how useful your planning was? Bring a pair for formal dinners, for casual walks and activities, and choose the most versatile shoes you could find. Make sure you have enough pairs of socks enough for your adventures. Never forget to have your pedicure and enjoy your flip flops.


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