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This Mexican Place is Asking a Fortune for a Single Taco!

How much would you spend on the world’s best taco? $10? $100? How about $1000? In Mexico, Tacos are often considered an extremely low-cost fare, and you can get your hands on one from a local street stall for as little as 50 cents. But at one luxury resort in Los Cabos, be prepared to put your entire year’s paycheck on a single taco. How much does it cost, you ask? You’ll be surprised to find out.

Tacos are easy to make and can be filled with all kinds of ingredients. They’re also super cheap

A Small Taco at the Price of a Family Car

Juan Licerio Alcala, the executive chef at one of the priciest luxury vacation resorts, Grand Velas Los Cabos in the Mexican state of Baja California, has created the world’s most expensive and luxurious taco with a hefty price tag of $25,000. The justification for the mind-blowing asking price for a bite-sized delicacy: the harmony of exotic ingredients inside the taco and the technique with which the chef has put together the dish will make the entire dining experience ‘worth the price’. We don’t think so.

Don’t get us wrong. Who wouldn’t love to get stuck into a delicious taco in one of the best holiday destinations in Mexico – but the cost of an entire fully loaded family-sized vehicle just for a single taco? We’ll pass. If you’re just as hesitant as us to splurge on this pricey creation, here is the ingredient list for the most expensive taco in the world. Maybe you’ll change your mind after reading what’s inside the $25,000 dish.

The Exotic Ingredient List 

As the base of the opulent creation, chef Juan uses a classic corn tortilla – but this isn’t just any regular tortilla you’ll find at a 50-cent taco stall – this crispy taco shell is actually speckled with 24 carats of gold dust, making it worthy of the hefty price tag. To make the dish even more over-the-top, the delicate but expensive taco shell is carefully filled with only the best Kobe beef flown fresh all the way from Japan and marinated in secret spices to give it a Mexican kick. Next comes an exotic Norwegian lobster called the langoustine, topped with the most exclusive caviar taken deep from the Caspian Sea.

Not impressed so far? Wait till you hear what comes next on this expensive taco.

The chef only uses the best truffles to make a truffle infused brie cheese which adds creaminess and a depth of flavor to his dish. Of course, no taco is complete without a good topping of salsa. In Grand Velas Los Cabos, a rare kind of chile called Morita is used to make their signature salsa. But it’s not the chile which makes the dressing so special. Chef Jose says that he also adds a dash of Kopi Luwak coffee, which is actually made from the poop of a rare animal, and a sprinkling of edible gold dust.

A Strict Protocol for Ordering the Taco

Despite the impressive list of ingredients, customers aren’t exactly lining up to spend their entire life savings on a small taco. The chef says that many tourists come from afar to inquire about the pricey dish, especially food adventurists looking to push boundaries, but no one has been courageous enough to try the $25,000 taco yet.

If some daring soul did wish to order one of the most expensive dishes in the world, the resort would require them to follow a strict protocol

The first thing the customer has to do before making the order is to stay in one of the luxury resort’s presidential suites. Next, they must be willing to pay a deposit of $12,500 before even showing up at the restaurant. Once the deposit has been made and the order placed, the chef begins preparation for the expensive dish and flies in the exotic ingredients from all over the world.

The presentation of the dish depends on the client’s preference, says the chef. The customer can either enjoy the pricey experience in the middle of a Mexican desert encircles by motorbikes – probably to ensure that they don’t try to get away without paying – or in a more romantic setting for an important moment such as a marriage proposal.

If you want to take the splurge a step further, the chef recommends washing down the $25,000 taco with a bottle of Pasión Azteca tequila which costs $150,000. Bon Appetit!

Would you ever spend $25,000 on your favorite food item?

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