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Tools to Optimize Your Traveling Experience

Everyone dreams of traveling in order to see different beautiful sceneries that the world has to offer. The moment you switch to vacation mode, you may feel tempted to extend your vacation because you just can’t get enough of it. 

However, as much as you’d want to extend, the harsh reality is that you need to get back to work to earn money for a living. Fortunately, there are some tools that you can use to make the best of your next travel. 

Here are some tools to optimize your traveling experience the easy and convenient way.

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.”— Danny Kaye


If you’re planning to travel and be away for a couple of weeks, you might want to secure your valuables first, especially if nobody will be there to keep an eye on your home while you are away, and your home could be vulnerable to theft.

As such, we recommend that you use Safestore. Safestore lets you rent a storage locker to stock your valuables while you’re traveling. The great thing about Safestore is that it is available worldwide. You just need to do your research to find the perfect location based on where you live.


How would you like to have your travel itinerary already planned for you free of charge? It is heavenly, right? Well, you don’t need to waste your time contacting travel agencies to create an itinerary for you and for a price. Tripit is the answer to your problems! All you need to do is to download this travel app and enter your travel credentials such as your airline and the hotel where you intend to check in.

The app will generate a master itinerary plan for you as you explore your area of interest! Moreover, you can access this itinerary plan everywhere and at any time, even when you are offline. You can also use this handy app to find alternative flights, seats, promos, etc.  Tripit makes your trip planning a lot easier and your travel smoother. 

City Mapper

Traveling to a new destination without tour guides can be an exciting yet scary experience. However, there is no need to panic as City Mapper will get you covered! City Mapper enables you to access the map of where you are, including the information you need to know about the area. You can get directions to shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, subways, and more for the main cities around the world. City Mapper guarantees that you will never get lost as you travel. 


No matter where you come from, all human beings love food. Everyone would love to try delicious meals from different countries and cultures. To cater to that, Foodspotting is here to help you indulge in your food escapades.

Just open this app, and all the restaurants, coffee shops, pastries, best dishes and delicacy shops will display everything they have to offer. You can even narrow down your search for specific meals. For example, if you want to find the best ice cream shops around your area, all you need to do is type “ice cream, ” and all the frosty shops will show on the map.

 XE Currency Converter

When you are traveling to a new destination where the currency is different from yours, you might encounter a hard time while purchasing some items and paying for services as you travel. Thankfully, XE Currency converter is here to save your day. It enables you to convert one currency to another and also giving you a rough estimate on how expensive or affordable things are. That way, you will be able to gauge how much you need to spend as you travel.


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