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Top Countries With The Best Quality Of Life Index

All of us work hard in order to achieve a quality standard of living. We want to live a comfortable life where we can have a good work-life balance with access to universal healthcare, free education, and work opportunities. And if the country we’re living in can barely provide us with the quality of life we’re seeking, we tend to leave our homeland and work overseas to seek greater work opportunity. But did you know what countries can provide a great quality of life? Here are the top countries with the best quality of life index that you need to check out! You can find a good working opportunity there and who knows, you might end up applying to become a permanent resident or an immigrant.

The Netherlands

The Hague Is the Home to Over 500 Intetrnational Organizations in the World

The Hague Is the Home to Over 500 International Organizations in the World

Also known as the Dutch country and home of the world’s organizational headquarters such as International Criminal Court (ICC), it’s no doubt it’s one of the best countries in the world to live. It is placed 7th as the best country to travel with its famous landscapes and cityscapes along with tons of leisure activities. It’s also one of the world’s first countries to give equal rights to people, legalizing same-gender marriage by passing its gender recognition law. If you get to travel here, don’t miss to visit the famous Royal Palace of Amsterdam where the Dutch Royal family resides.


Finland is one of the richest countries in the world. It is also the best place to live when it comes to quality of life. The standard of living may be helluva expensive, but the government provides all of their needs, from education, shelter, to having one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It’s also one of the healthiest countries (it ranked 5th in Health and Well-being index) to live if you’re health-conscious.

New Zealand

The Bustling Financial Hub of Auckland, New Zealand

The Bustling Financial Hub of Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand may be far away from these European countries but it’s certainly not behind when it comes to quality of life index. With just over 4 million population, it still has its fair share of reserved untouched lands for its inhabitants to enjoy. You can tour around this majestic country and discover its luscious green forests, oceanic breeze, and breathtaking mountain slopes and ranges. In fact, New Zealand became the perfect venue to shoot those stunning ethereal views we see from the worldwide Blockbuster Hollywood Movies like Lord of the Rings and Avatar. What’s great about the New Zealand is that it is an open country and it encourages overseas immigrants to come because of its small workforce.


Sweden Is Rich with Dense Forest and Is Home of the Midnight Sun

Sweden Is Rich with Dense Forest and Is Home of the Midnight Sun

As part of the Scandinavian country, there’s no doubt that Sweden is one of the richest and best countries to live in the world. Even though the government collects about 60% tax from their wages, you will still find that most Swedes aren’t complaining about it. How can they when they are living in a dream state, literally? With state-of-the-art infrastructures, beautiful cities and suburbs to live in, not to mention you get to enjoy viewing the Midnight Sun during Summer (maybe when you don’t have anything else to do), is a match-made heavenly place to live. They also have one of the best healthcare systems in the world and their wages are rather high, making it enough for you to live a comfortable life. Sweden ranked well as the healthiest country to live (4th), which is not so surprising seeing they don’t believe in spices.


Canada is home to two of the world’s best business centers, specifically Vancouver and Montreal, which attracts a large number of foreign investors. Because of this, Canada’s economy has been running steadily for over a decade and they became one of the most competitive countries in the world when it comes to Economics and Foreign Stocks. It also ranked on the 7th spot in terms of Safety and Security index.


Copenhagen, Denmark is One of the Richest City in the World

Copenhagen, Denmark – One of the Richest Cities in the World

Like any other Scandinavian country, Denmark also has one of the best healthcare and government systems in the world. It has a vast territorial claim that stretches all the way to Greenland in North America. It also tops as the happiest country in the world so it’s no doubt that all Danish are happy and contented with their lives. They’re living a luxurious life in a luxurious country and most importantly, they’re at peace too.


This country was once hailed as the top country with the best quality of life index. And although its rank had gone down this year, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its quality of life has downgraded too. With only about half a million population, Luxembourg is one of the richest and most prestigious countries in the world. It’s also why it’s the top spot when it comes to Safety and Security index.


You may know Switzerland as the home of the finest Swiss chocolate, its mightiest Alpine milk and even the home for CERN, but Switzerland has more to offer than that. Its world’s financial hub, Zurich, houses the infamous Zurich bank which is said to be the wealthiest bank in the world. Zurich keeps on attracting the world’s famous investors and billionaires too. This is why Switzerland’s life index keeps on booming as well as its security and safety index.

Tokyo, Japan

Overlooking View of the Busy Streets of Tokyo with Tokyo Tower

View of the Busy Streets of Tokyo from Tokyo Tower

In the far land of the East, Japan seems to be booming too. In fact, it’s one of the most famous first-world countries in the world and it seems everyone just has to visit Japan as part of their bucket list. Japan has a rich and diverse culture, ranging from an ancient era where Samurai had a great influence in our world up to cute animes. Japan is also known for its balanced nutritional meals, earning them the 7th spot in Healthy Living Index. Their travel and transport system is also world-class, especially its famous Shinkansen (Bullet train), earning them the 9th spot for Travel Index, while also being ranked fourth in terms of security and safety index.

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