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A Train Station Leading to The Holiest Jewish Place in the World to Be Named after Trump

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump delivered a statement in his speech which could potentially end any hopes of peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine – he declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital sparking anger among Muslim nations around the world. The White House also announced that the U.S. embassy will be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, despite warnings from the international community that the move could threaten world peace.

Among countries that haven’t condemned Trump’s words is Israel where the locals cheered the President’s decision and posted photos of the Dome of Rock with the President’s name on it. Now the Israeli minister of transport has even decided to name a train station after Donald Trump in order to pay homage to the President and his decision.

Israeli minister of transport has decided to name a train station after Donald Trump


It has been an uneasy month for outraged Palestinians who have been constantly taunted by the victorious Israelis for reducing one of the most historic and holiest Muslim shrines to a Trump property after photographs of the Dome of Rock with Donald Trump’s name plastered on it began to circulate on the internet.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed the nation on the same day as Trump made the remarks, calling it a historic moment in the nation’s history. The Prime Minister publicly glorified Trump and expressed his gratefulness for the president’s ‘courageous and just’ decision. Netanyahu also assured in his address that the status quo of all the Islamic holy sites will be protected and Israel will not take away the religious freedom from any Muslims, Jews or Christians.

The Israeli mayor also made a statement thanking the president on behalf of the city of Jerusalem for his decision. He added that Trump’s words have proven to the world that United States will stand with Israel and its Jewish people.


Another Israeli politician has now risen to show his gratitude towards the President of the United States by announcing that a train station in the old city will be named after Donald Trump. It was the cabinet minister Yisrael Katz who made the initial proposition.

The minister, who is responsible for the transport sector, said that the new train station would bring tourists into the Jewish quarter, close to some of the holiest Jewish sites in Jerusalem including the Western Wall and Temple Mount.

Although, the railroad project in the old city has been talked about for almost a year now without any progress towards building it, ever since Trump’s famous speech, the construction of the railway station has become a top priority task for Yisrael Katz.


Israeli minister’s plan to build a station in the old city would require underground digging – especially beneath some of the historic Islamic landmarks on Earth- which has drawn further criticism from the international community and angered Muslims around the world.

Despite President Donald Trump’s declaration, the rest of the world has not accepted Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem. Trump’s decision was criticized and condemned in the UN general assembly.

Israel wants to thank Trump by naming the train station, located near Jerusalem’s Western Wall after U.S president

An Arab lawmaker said that building a railroad in the Old City would disrupt the status quo in Jerusalem and would be a violation of the international law. He said that naming a station in one of the most sacred places in the world after Donald Trump would be an insult to the Palestinians and even worse than having it named after Netanyahu.

Some Israelis have also suggested that the Western Wall should also be named as Trump Wall and the praying square after his daughter Ivanka who accepted Judaism after getting married to husband Jared Kushner.

Presently, commuting from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem can take over an hour but with the new railroad opening in spring, the travel time will be cut down to less than half an hour. The road can be extended to the old city by digging another tunnel 170 feet below the ground leading to a brand-new station near the Dung Gate which will make it easier for tourists and Jews to reach the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.

Do you think it’s justified to name the train station after Trump?

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