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Trump Holds New JFK Assassination Records – What is It That They Don’t Tell Us?

President Donald Trump agreed not to release the full tranche of records related to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, acquiescing to last-minute requests from national security agencies that some of those records continue to remain secret.

President Trump blocked the release of over 2,800 records in an effort to comply with a 1992 law mandating the documents’ release, however, kept roughly 300 files classified on the urging of CIA and FBI. Those files are going under review for another six months.

So far, the newly released documents on JFK assassination seem only to confirm the wisest conclusions regarding the President’s death.

These stances describe how federal agents chase after tips and rumors to reach to the core but the fact that “someone forced” to hold them back cannot be ignored. Well, we all know why someone held them back. It feels like a whole lot more than a speculation to us. 

Researcher, journalist, and conspiracy theorist were left fuming as the President withheld those files. However, Mr. President had assured that all 300 files would be opened to the public after 54 years …which in fact did not happen.

“JFK Files are being carefully released. In the end, there will be great transparency. It is my hope to get just about everything to the public!” Trump tweeted.

The spy agencies have to be allowed to redact the files in order to protect the spies and codenames and so the secret service agencies have asked for more time. An initial review of some of the previously classified documents threw some light on the circumstances surrounding the Kennedy assassination.

Although Trump has reassured the JFK conspiracists that “everything” will be opened–ensuring they are being released “very carefully”. However, he is unhappy with the level of reactions according to some White House sources.

“It really stinks to high heaven,” said Gorka. The US President has taken interest in the files being released and had said he would not block them from being opened.

What are the documents and conspiracy theorists saying? 

Conspiracy theorists believe the withheld documents may hold the juiciest information about the killing of JFK.

Already revelations about the JFK killing have emerged as people around the world trawl through the once-classified documents.

One document also revealed that the CIA intercepted a call Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald made to the KGB officer at the Russian Embassy in Mexico less than two months before killing JF Kennedy and that CIA agents speculated that he could be a KGB agent.

Oswald spoke to an “identified KGB officer,” Russian Consul Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov “in a broken Russian language.”

The report also pointed that “It is not usual for a KGB agent on a sensitive mission to have such overt contact with a Soviet Embassy,” but adds “such contact in official installations may be caused by the agent’s own carelessness.”

While KGB sources claimed Vice President Lyndon Johnson was responsible for the killing and the Russians suspected the shooting was an attempt to a coup.

Meanwhile, a British reporter was tipped off about big news “just 29 minutes before”  the assassination on November 22nd, 1963.

Former top Trump aide, Gorka, said: “ There are only two reasons you would do that redaction right now, the reasons are you protect active operations or you protect sources and methods— neither of those can be true fifty years later– so what is it, something embarrassing?”

The files also revealed new information about threats which the FBI received against Oswald after he was arrested.

It really stinks to high heaven. Theories have long persisted there may be more to the story, including internal plots by the FBI and CIA, the Soviet Union and Cuba.

Officially JFK was shot while riding in his open-top motorcade in Dallas Texas by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald is believed by some conspiracy theorists to be just a fall guy for a wider plot to kill the former US president.

The gunman was killed by Jack Ruby while leaving a police station following his arrest in Dallas.

Documents also revealed that Hoover told on November 24, 1963, that he “received a call in our Dallas office from a man talking in a calm voice and saying he was a member of a committee organized to kill Oswald,” an information that the FBI shared with Dallas chief of police.

“He again assured us adequate protection would be given. However, this was not done,” Hoover added. 

Well, there are a lot of other theories and unknown facts from the documents which suggest there was a second shooter — even a surgeon who treated JFK saying he believed there was another gunman. 

The real effort today is not to reach the truth but to make the truth look unobtainable. By damaging people’s faith not just in a good government but also in the separation of powers, which lets one part of the government to investigate the another. All it creates is an illusion of powerlessness that only produces rage and despair.

What we should fear is not the deep state but a state that’s robbed of its depth. As the historian Timothy Snyder has said many times, its when states are robbed of their memory and their self-respect, which is mostly embodied in a civil-servant class, that tyranny flourishes. There’s no “deep state” that exists beyond the scrutiny of a responsible citizen; there’s a cynical paranoia that always reacts as a pathogen to the public trust.

Do you trust the government to decide what we ought to know?

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