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Trump’s Staff Open Up About His Addictions to Caffeine, News and More

The President of the United States always manages to find himself in the middle of a new controversy – and news reports are now saying that when Donald Trump is not using his favorite social media platform to fire insulting tweets at influential world leaders, he’s sitting in front of the idiot box with a can of coke, watching his favorite show on Fox News.

Trump’s Addiction to Caffeine May be Affecting his Sleep

The White House staff is concerned about Donald Trump’s not-so-president-like behavior. An insider recently reported that Trump is addicted to two things: diet coke and television. The source also claimed that he is obsessed with other people’s opinions about him – especially those who the president himself has declared ‘fake news’. He wakes up every morning at 5.30 a.m. despite getting only a few hours of sleep and immediately turns on the television to watch the news.

Apparently, the president likes to spend his free time watching telly and drinking coke

The story, which was first published in New York Times, claims that Trump watched CNN and Fox News first thing in the morning for news updates whereas the rest of his day was spent watching MSNBC’s Morning Joe for entertainment. More than 60 white house staff members, advisors and friends of Donald Trump confirmed that the president didn’t do much with his time but watch telly and drink coke – lots and lots of it.

More than 60 sources who spoke to The New York Times, say that the president’s mood often depends on what he’s watching on television. Any news channel that is not Fox News angers him and gets him in a fighter mood to rage against his critics.

The stories of Trump watching too much television have been circulating for months now and the White House has released several counterstatements to deny the allegation against the president saying that he has more important things to do with his time, like ‘read documents’ as claimed by Air Force One last month.

Too Much TV

Trump is extremely protective about his personal TV set and won’t allow anyone but the technical staff to touch it.

The New York Times claims that Trump gets only six hours of sleep every night due to the high caffeine consumption and spends the entire day in front of the television, with a phone in his hand in case an inspiration for a tweet suddenly comes.

Most of the time, the twitter posts from the official POTUS account come from his bed or the adjoining snug, depending on where he wants to lounge in his pajamas that day. The sources also claim that he never really gets out of his sleeping suit unless he needs to be in a meeting or make a public appearance. He often takes important phone calls in his pajamas as well.

Trump is extremely protective about his TV set and doesn’t let anyone but the technical staff to touch it. Sources claim that president’s obsession with television stems from his concern about what everyone thinks of him. He often pays more attention to news stories about himself rather than world affairs.

In the president’s eyes, his worst enemy is the liberal media that often criticizes his presidency and questions his judgement. Senator Lindsay Graham said that Trump was in a grave misconception that the leftists and liberal media have an agenda to destroy him, and that he must fight back in order to keep his office.

12 Cans of Diet Coke?

Trump’s overconsumption of caffeine is almost three times more than the daily recommendation

Trump’s overconsumption of caffeine through his 12 cans of coke is much higher than the daily recommendation for an adult and can have harmful effects on his health. Diet cokes made of artificial sweeteners, food coloring and aspartame, are considered extremely dangerous and according to some research, the consumption of this caramel-colored potion can lead to an increase in appetite and intense sugar cravings.

The long-term effects of drinking too much diet coke are just as dangerous. This horrible habit can actually lead to serious health conditions including heart diseases and type 2 diabetes – but we’re sure that the president of United States already knows these facts…

What are your thoughts about the President’s behavior?

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