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6 Websites Where You Can Sell Your Used Items

Do you have a lot of used items and stuff that are just lying around in your house without any significant use? Or maybe you have discovered a lot of used items that aren’t of any use as you tried to declutter your house? Why not sell them anyway? In this way, you will not only be decluttering your house, but you’ll also be earning some cash. Furthermore, you’ll also be helping other people since your used items can be utilized in a significant way.

Didn’t know where to sell your used items? No problem. We got you covered! Here are our top recommended sites where you can sell your stuff and to earn money in the process.

“I get highs, to be totally honest, in second-hand shops. My hunting instinct, I expect, really kicks in.”— Bjork



We bet that most of the women will love using this site, especially since Vinted’s specialty is selling used clothes, shoes, and accessories. Therefore, if you have some clothes that you no longer wearing, you can browse through this site to sell your stuff. As a buyer, you can also find lots of great deals if you’re seeking some new stuff for your wardrobe. You can find a vast community of sellers and buyers online. And who knows? You might also find some of your friends here!


When you have sets of furniture that you no longer want but are still in good condition, then this site is perfect for you. Charish specializes in the sale of household furniture and accessories. Buying and selling stuff on this website is incredibly fast and easy. You just need to enlist the furniture in two minutes and let Charish handle everything for you. Charish can even handle the shipping, so you no longer have to worry about it. You’ll earn as much as 80% of your income while the 20% will go as commission pay for Charish for handling things for you. An easy-peasy deal!


Now, this eCommerce website is a bit different and interesting compared to others. In here, you’re not really selling your stuff as it isn’t the best platform for it. However, this platform will serve as your advertising medium.If you’re having some problems finding the right customers to sell your stuff to, this is the right platform for you. It’s like a social media platform for selling and buying stuff.  Oodle has an enormous 15 million users. Therefore, you will be sure to find the right market for your stuff and also to find what you need.  

 Sell Laptop

As what the name says, this website deals with the sale of laptops and other electronic devices. As long as your laptop is in a great shape, then there’s no doubt that you can make some money out of it. You can easily search for your device, fill out your form, and you’ll be receiving a free, prepaid shipping label. The commission will be paid via check or Paypal. You have the option to choose the medium through which you want to get paid.

 Valore Books


Maybe you are done with schooling and have dozens of textbooks on your bookshelf. You can now get rid of them by selling them through the Valore Books. That way, you will be helping the younger generation to make use of the textbooks as they pursue their education while making some bucks. Likewise, students can make use of these preloved books as they can buy it at a discounted price along with other exciting deals.


If you have some extra cars that you no longer use but are still in good shape, then CarDaddy can be a great medium to sell your car. Reselling a car has never been this easy. Since this is a dedicated car selling company, it’s incredibly easy to sell your car. You can even get help in buying something new. Moreover, you can rest assured that the ones you’re transacting with are legitimate.  You will enjoy a safe online shopping experience, and your information will not be sold or shared.

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