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4 Things You Should Know About The New Era of Video Marketing

The popularity of video marketing had been on the rise for the past couple of years. In fact, video marketing has become the most powerful and effective way to promote our business to customers because it involves the use of powerful media such as text (or content), images, and animations into one. A video can make your customer hooked and lengthen their attention span, which is scarce nowadays. That’s why almost all eCommerce businesses incorporate video marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

And as another year comes, you might think that your video marketing campaign is now running on steadily. However, before you start sighing in relief, you may need to reassess your marketing strategy first as there are things you should know more about video marketing.

“How can you build a house without a blueprint? The answer is: you can’t. In the same way, a video without a storyboard is like a house without a foundation.” –Han Lung

Like the technology, video marketing is also evolving at a fast pace. Here are the four things you should know about the new era of video marketing.

 Creativity is the Key

videoNowadays,  customers can be overloaded and overwhelmed with content. In fact, an Internet user can be overloaded with tons of information by browsing for just two hours. The information they digest comes and goes within seconds. Most likely, they won’t remember a thing they browsed.

Creativity is the key when it comes to creating videos. You need to create a stunning video with an incredibly powerful message to stand out among your competitors. BE creative enough to deliver your message in a unique, fashionable and memorable way. Some of our recommendations include video memes, videos with pets, cooking videos (incredibly efficient if you are into cooking or food business), travel video, and time-lapse videos.

  Easy to load videos

Customers browse through millions of videos every day. Therefore, it’s important for your video to be accessible to them in the simplest way possible. Thanks to the development of technology, you don’t have to worry about rendering low-quality videos anymore. Technology nowadays enables the making of HD quality videos. This could give you the advantage and opportunity to deliver your videos in its maximum resolution. However, you must also give consideration to the length of your video. Remember that nobody would want to watch a 30-minute video (unless it’s a TV show or a movie). That’s why you need to keep it light, short, and straight to the point. The ideal timeframe to watch your video is around 30 seconds to 1 minute, 2-3 at maximum.

“For your video content, stick to the sweet-spot of two-to-three minutes,” advises Alex Charfen, co-founder and CEO of Charfen, a training and membership organization that helps visionary entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. “Attention spans are getting shorter, but you still want to be able to provide value. So, if you can keep your message short and to the point — and ideally stick to only one point — you’ll have greater success connecting with your audience.”


Your video not only needs to be appealing and have compelling content, but it should also be authentic and genuine. Remember that your customers want to bond with you and connect with the people behind the company, not the company itself.

video sharingIf you have a video marketing campaign, we recommend that you shoot real scenes instead of using stock videos. Shooting will give your customers a glimpse at how you do things. This is also your chance to let your customers see how well you run your company, as well as your employee’s bonding moments through the bloopers segment!

 Optimize for Sharing

Last but definitely not the least, your video should be optimized for sharing. Your customers should be able to share your videos with ease to increase your exposure within their circle of friends. Also, ensure you allow commenting and liking. If you have the time, the live streaming feature is a good option. Live streaming is more interactive and proves to have higher conversion rates.

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