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Vintage Toys That Are Worth A Fortune

In today’s day and age, toys are mass produced and are widely available all over the world. With the click of a button we can order just about anything from our smartphones and in a mentality that revolves around getting the latest and greatest product, nothing really holds its value. If we go back in time, though, we can find a whole treasure trove of “gold” investments which were passed off as kids toys. If you had kept your hands on some of the items below, you could make an absolute boatload of money on sites like eBay. If you have any old toys in your attic, maybe you should check what they are going for online and make your bank account that little bit fatter!

Pokémon Cards – Estimated Value $100K

Pokémon cards were a huge trend in the ’90s and if you happened to keep yours in mint condition then you could earn a fortune. If you have some of the original ones then you could see earnings of up to $100K for a single card. Each card holds a different value, so don’t expect them all to be worth that much. Trading cards can really skyrocket in value so if you have a collection lying around, maybe keep hold of it and see what it’s worth in a few years!

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