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Witty Ways To Lower Your Power Bills

We’re forced to turn on our ventilation and that’s where our nightmares start! Because we have no choice but to cool not only our body but our room too, we’re forced to turn our air conditioners on. Aside from that, we need to take a shower at least twice a day because we want to get rid of the sweat and dirt. Unfortunately, these events mean doubling up our power consumption that leads to paying hefty amounts on power bills!

However, before you get depressed and stress on how to pay your bills, we’re here to rescue! Fortunately, now that the Fall is here and Winter is coming (no GoT pun intended), you now have the chance to lower your bills. Wanna know the secret? Let’s get to it.

Make Sure Your Ventilation is Running Smoothly

Make Sure that There's Proper Airflow inside Your House

Make sure that there’s proper airflow inside your house.

As you switch your aircon, ventilation, or heater from on to off simultaneously, chances are, the air filter will accumulate dirt and dust that may degrade its optimum performance. Just like electric fans, its blades will accumulate dirt during heavy-use periods. In this case, it’s recommended to maintain your ventilation by cleaning them monthly.

“Air filters on a furnace clog easily, which causes the blower to work harder than it should and to use more energy,” Granger said. “By regularly changing your air filters, you’re helping reduce the amount of energy your HVAC needs to work properly.”

If you are looking for air filters, you can shop them on home improvement sections in department stores or you can browse them on online websites.

Keep the Cool Air Out

Keep The Cold Air From Seeping Inside Your House During Winter

Keep the cold air from seeping inside your house during winter

Now that we’re in the middle of the Fall Season and we’re preparing for the winter, we can notice that the temperature is slowly dropping. And just because you know that the temperature is getting cold, it doesn’t mean that it will lower your power bills automatically. Why? It’s because the cold air outside keeps on creeping into your house. And if that happens, your heater will have to work harder to keep your house warm. This will lead to increasing your bills which you don’t want in the first place.

“Your home’s exterior plays a big role in helping you stay warm indoors during the colder months, so you can feel more comfortable and save energy and money on your utility bills,” Granger said.

Make Sure Your Rooftop is Insulated in Order to Conserve More Energy

Keep your house insulated.

If you make sure that your rooftop and windows are tightly sealed, then you can reduce the heat transfer from the outside to the inside of your house. This can help you conserve more energy and power since you won’t be dealing with heat even during summer days.

Appliance Maintenance can help you save more power too

To start off, you can unplug any appliances you’re not using. Even if you turn the appliance off, it will still consume energy if it remains plugged into the main source. So, if you want to save power, always unplug them. If you have a fridge, always check if the preon is still working to make sure that your fridge will be able to keep its cold temperature. If not, then your fridge will work harder to keep the cold which can cause a spike to your power consumption. You also need to clean your dryers and lint screen to get rid of dust and dirt. We suggest you do vacuum at least every six months. When you’re cooking in the oven, avoid using foil as it can stop the airflow inside and decrease its efficiency in the process.

You know other tips to save our power consumption? Share them with us below…

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