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Woman Turns Old Passenger Bus Into Tiny Mobile Home, Wait Till You See Inside

Can you remember something that you bought that has made a big impact on your life? Many people can relate to that, even we do. But, not everybody can say that their lives have completely been changed after buying something! One New York City woman has this story to tell, and her name is Jessie Lipskin. This gal used to live her life in Manhattan a few years back in the world of business finance with her own circle of friends and family. However, Jessie would come to a point that would lead her to a purchase that would eventually and unwittingly change her life.

The Bus Which Started Everything

After Jessie Lipskin graduated from college, she resided in New York City. This was where she came to the realization that most people just waste a lot of their time by focusing on physical objects: buying them, losing them, and subsequently trying to find them. From Lipskin’s perspective, most of these items seemed unnecessary to living a truly meaningful life. She also realized that the emotional energy and time invested in physical objects could be better spent elsewhere. This sparked her desire to live in a tiny home built on a bus!

Marked As Sold!

Jessie’s remarkable story started in 2015 when she became interested in packing up her stuff and downsizing. The then 30-year-old was already intrigued by the tiny home movement and was browsing through eBay when she came across a 1966 GMC Commuter Greyhound bus. Jessie felt that this was what she had been waiting for,  so she went ahead and bought the huge vehicle for the amount of $7K. This was quite a big change from the previous small apartments found in her native New York City. It was also her official first step to the life that she wanted to pursue.

More On This Woman’s Vision

This marvelous story has introduced us to Jessie Lipskin who we have learned is unlike any ordinary person. In recent times, we have heard of people giving buses extreme makeovers, but Lipskin’s insightful reason for her life-changing choice is what sets her apart from these people. This charming lady has always been a really organized individual and the idea of having only what one needs really spoke to her. Jessie mainly keeps particular items that were handed down to her by her family, and other items with sentimental value.

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