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Worth the Wait! After 3 Years of Searching, Robin Tunney Finally Found the Perfect Home

Do you have a thing for midcentury houses? The trick to preserving them in their true elegance is learning to become a renovation wizard. Luckily, Robin Tunney knows a thing or two about setting up homes and she has been using this skill to her advantage!

Tunney and Marmet-a perfect blend of great taste

So, when you think of the actress’ Beverly Hills home, do you imagine a paradise of sorts? For one, the actress has shown that she’s got great taste over the years.

As a cherry on top, her partner just so happens to be an interior designer. Nick Marmet’s clientele include the likes of RDJ, and we know how much the man is in tune with perfection. In truth, the interior designer’s reputation precedes him.

Glamorous, But It Took Time

The couple’s home is as glamourous as you’d imagine it (Marmet describes it as midcentury elegance with modern twists), but the partners agree that it took a whole lot of time to set it up. According to Tunney, it took them two years to have furniture brought in – no one even thought they’d moved into the house yet.

The actress even went as far as likening the situation of having an interior designer for a partner but with an empty house to being a cobbler’s son with no shoes. Quite the analogy, don’t you think?


This is one lovely backyard

It actually seems like nothing related to this house came easy, seeing as the couple almost didn’t acquire it. They spent three years scanning the City of Angels for an authentic midcentury home complete with a yard and a driveway, and soon after finding one, a developer beat them to it. Luckily, the developer had a falling out with the seller and they ended up owning the house anyway.

Special Place

The family must love living in this space, seeing as it is a really special place. Designed by Morris Levine, the sculptor lived here to the ripe old age of 90. The house boasts 4 bedrooms complemented with 3½ bathrooms, and the backyard has an enviable pool. That it lets in lots of natural light was a plus for the couple, and they love its attention to detail.

As the actress put it, midcentury houses can be deceiving, since they’re very attractive to the eye but often built of cheap material. However, this wasn’t the case with this house as the first owner designed it and oversaw its construction personally. Additionally, he made sure to maintain it in its original condition for all the years that he lived there.

This fireplace is a testament to the home’s originality. It was built in 1963

Do you think the couple disagreed much when it was finally time to fill up the house? Not quite. They were both for the idea of modernizing the place a bit. They fitted the rooms with new lighting, the furniture they went for was top notch, and Richard Serra hangs on their living room wall.

Apparently, either partner has deep seated love for the color green, so much of their furniture is green. They’ve got so much of the color in the house that they’ve agreed to take a break from buying any green stuff soon, no matter how much they may feel compelled to.

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