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Dr. Dre’s Mansion Is up for Sale But You’ll Need Some SERIOUS Bank to Buy It

Doesn’t it just fascinate you how celebrities are able to diversify their craft? It’s usually as if they were made for greatness. This time around, Dr. Dre is showing us all that there’s more to just music when it comes to him.

When it comes to Dr. Dre, it’s more than just music

In the entertainment industry, the man has made a name for himself as one of the hottest rappers in the game, in addition to being a producer worth his salt. He also founded the Beats Electronics company, and who doesn’t own at least one of his products? It could be the pill, headphones, anything.

Real Estate

As if that’s all not enough, Dr. Dre has turned his attention to real estate to grow his wealth even more. That’s pretty inspiring, isn’t it? Everyone knows that venturing into real estate is one of the smartest investment moves one could ever make. Take Taylor Swift for example, who has a real estate empire worth $84 million.

Dr. Dre, on the other hand, is currently in the market, but not as a buyer. Instead, he’s looking to have his mansion at Woodland Hills taken off his hands at a $5.25 million asking price. Despite having owned this piece of property for years, Dre has decided to turn it into some quick cash. After all, it isn’t as if he’d be homeless. Five years ago, he acquired a Brentwood mansion for $40 million.

Seeing that he bought a home for this much yet he’s currently selling another for $5 million may have you thinking that he’s selling it at a loss, but you couldn’t be more wrong. In truth, the award-winning artist actually bought the property two decades ago, parting with $2.35 million while at it.

Obviously, Dre has upgraded the property in the twenty years that he has owned it, and although we can’t call this house flipping just yet (or can we?), the improvements definitely had something to do with his current asking price. Come to think about it, it’s just a business, after all — and a very lucrative one too. The modern home would appeal to any wealthy buyer, who would, in turn, pay some good money for it.

Luxury Hub

16,200 square feet of space

The actual house, three stories tall, sits on 16,200 square feet, and being a rapper’s house, you’d expect it to be a luxury hub. It boasts its own movie theatre, a 250-bottle wine cellar, two kitchens, a fish tank, and a fitness barre studio. The living room features glass doors, and behind them sits a hot tub. Talk of the ultimate comfort!

The house is also complete with 8 bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms, in addition to a formal dining area. Dr. Dre is an entrepreneur, right? Then it’s just the norm for his house to have an office fit for him, and you can bet that a mega-deal had been struck here.

Elsewhere, this mansion has a relaxing area with a pool table where you and the rest of your crew can shoot some balls. The house also has multiple fireplaces and balconies, which you can manipulate effectively to set any particular vibe.

Spot the pool table

Out in the compound is a saltwater pool plus a screen where you could probably watch some music videos after a swim, fire pit, and several patios. You can picture it already, can’t you? Get your $5 million ready then!

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