Driving for Lyft just requires the app and plenty of determination.

Do you believe this is some commercial trying to sell you a seemingly impossible dream of making $1500 every week driving for someone? We would advise you to get the thought out of your mind because Lyft is offering you an opportunity to fulfill your dreams by driving people around.

Do you think it would be impossible for you to get into the job of driving people around, especially if you have kids to manage at home? With a little planning and some hard work, you can do precisely what this couple has done with the help of the Lyft app. If this example doesn’t motivate you, then possible nothing will. Let us look at the example we have mentioned, to give you a better indication of how you too can begin making $1500 a week with the help of Lyft.

The Example From Lyft That Should Motivate You

Sam And Susan are the perfect examples of how you can make money with Lyft.

We are discussing the names of Sam and Susan Meteer, who, in their drive to earn an additional income, began driving for Lyft and also managed it perfectly by dividing the day and night between them. This is how the Meteer’s are managing to make ends meet. This couple is married and has five children, four of whom are living in their home in Sacramento, California.

By day, Sam Meteer is a teacher at the elementary school but gets behind the wheel during the nights and weekends.

Their children, age 9, 11, 13, and 15 are cared for by full-time mom Susan, with the oldest being married and moving out of the house. In order to manage her time efficiently, Susan drops the children at school in the morning and continues driving thereafter.

The couple has managed to restore sanity to their lives and does not have any hesitation mentioning it, by saying one of them is always with children while the other is driving.

How Does The Couple Manage To Generate The Income?

All you need is the Lyft App and a car to begin earning money with Lyft.

The couple has opted for a simple technique to generate the income mentioned above. They are both driving with Lyft.

The ride-sharing company offers them flexible hours for raising their children, while also giving them an opportunity for earning enough to support the entire family. The couple is involved in driving when they can and within reason.

Sam is usually driving at nights on weekends and perhaps a couple of weeknights during the time the school year is on. Sam is teaching in the sixth grade but he is also taking maximum advantage on holidays and summers or special events when he really drives a lot. The opportunity from Lyft allows him to earn from $300 to $1000 per week, depending on the kind of effort he is able to put in. Hitting the $1000 mark only happens when special events are around the corner, such as Christmas holidays or during the times he is not teaching.

Sam is honest to mention that the flow of money can go up and down with some days being busy and the others ebbing down. However, he also mentions that he exceeds his take-home wages from teaching on some nights which seems to be pretty good.

Susan begins driving for Lyft after dropping the children to school with a simple goal in mind of earning $100 for the day. She too is honest to admit that she possibly manages to make $100 by 10 AM in the morning, after beginning to drive at 8 AM or 9 AM. She doesn’t have any restrictions on where she will or will not travel during the day. When she works consistently during the week, she manages to bring in $500 for the week, which Sam says is helpful to keep the milk on the table. Together the couple generates about $800-$1500 per week, despite it being rather difficult to reach the higher end figure of $1500.

Lyft offers you multiple ways To make money with them.

The kind of money made by Sam and Susan could perhaps make you wonder how much money Lyft can make you in a week. You must understand that the earnings will largely depend on the kind of efforts you are prepared to make, and the time you devote to this task. Many drivers are making claims of their earnings and stating they are making in the region of $18-$40 per hour. However, many are generating around $25 every hour.

A perfect example which can also show benefits of driving is that of an individual from Philadelphia who was laid off from work but is now making $750 by driving approximately 45 to 50 hours every week for Lyft.

We have mentioned the example of Sam and Susen simply because before Sam began driving for Lyft, he was waiting tables in order to supplement his salary from teaching. Sam continued with this job for 15 years, until he ultimately became extremely tired of it. It was, however, Susan who discovered Lyft, initially before downloading the app while she was out with friends during a weekend. She began experimenting and driving for Lyft when the children were at school, making Sam jealous of the sweet gig his wife had. Sam quit his job at the restaurant to become his wife’s tag partner for Lyft a couple of years ago.

Would you like to get into a similar position like Sam and Susan to begin earning the kind of money they are doing? Are you prepared to make the efforts needed to generate the income? You should be happy to understand Lyft Is on Its Way To Your Town.

Are you prepared to begin your adventure with Lyft? Tell us what you think about the opportunity…

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