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Don’t Get Back Together with Your Ex Without Considering These Things

Finding the right person to be with you through thick and thin is every person’s dream. When you find that someone, you feel at peace with the whole world. The tough time when you are breaking up–it is a really painful process. After a breakup, there are those who never move on, those who move on after some time, and those who decide to give it another chance. Would you date your ex? Is it alright to let go or would you just hold on? Most importantly, should a second chance exist? If you doubt whether to give your relationship another chance or not, here are the things you need to consider.

“If you truly want to be respected by people you love, you must prove to them that you can survive without them.” Michael Bassey Johnson

 TWhat Led To Your Breakup

This should be the most crucial factor when you get to reassess your relationship. What was the reason for your breakup? Is it because your partner cheated on you? Did your partner abuse you? If that’s the case, then we recommend that you think twice or thrice. A relationship like that isn’t healthy, plus such things are not easy to forgive and forget. But if the reason for your breakup is that you’re both not ready and you wanted to focus your career before committing to a relationship, a second chance might be possible. You two can still reconcile.

 How Long Have The Two of You Been Apart?

They say that time heals all wounds. If you have been separated for long, you can consider whether to get back together or not. If you’re still hurting and can’t stand to be in the presence of your Ex, then this might be the cue for you to let go. However, if you communicate with him or her freely without feeling any bitterness in your heart, you can consider getting back together. That is if you’re still fond of your partner and you still feel your heart pounding like crazy every time you see him or her. But if you’re not and you’re just both civil with each other, then it might be more beneficial to just remain friends. 

 How Did The Two of You Breakup?

How did the two of you end things? Did you have an argument before calling it quits? Was the breakup one-sided? Did your partner just send you a text and told you you’re breaking up out of the blues? If so,  you may never get back together. However, if the two of you sorted things out, had a heart-to-heart talk and to understand each other before ending your relationship, then you might reconsider a second chance. Most importantly, the breakup decision should have been mutual because it means that the both of you were seeking closure. 

 Your Actions Post-Breakup

It’s also important to note how you act after a breakup. Of course, we are not saying that you should not mourn and sulk—breaking up hurts–so you have the right to cry. However, if you find yourself hooking up again to hurt your partner, that is a bad sign. You cannot move on immediately. 

Thi is a bad sign in a sense for you and your partner because it might lower your chances of getting back together. But if the both of you are going through the painful yet fulfilling process of moving on, then you might still have some chance to get back together again. It is important to find yourself and your footing again. Realize the lessons you learned from a failed relationship to help you become a better person. That way, your next relationship will be a stronger and better person.

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