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Five Credit Card Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Here are five credit card features to help you get the best While shopping

“A credit card is a convenient device that saves you the trouble of counting your change.”—Evan Esar

Price Protection


Credit cards have price or sale protection to the consumer. If you wholly or partially pay for an item then you find it faulty,  your credit card company can pay you the full amount 60 days after your purchase. Also, if you order an item from a company and the company closes down, you can also be refunded. You can have up to $1000 refundable per account.

Purchase Assurances

Aside from price protection, credit cards have a purchase assurance feature. If for example, you bought a waterproof smartphone only to find out that it let water in when it fell on the beach, you don’t have to worry about buying another phone. Your credit card has you covered! This feature protects your item for the first 90 days from its date of purchase. 

Extended Warranty

There are times when we hear the salesman trying to convince us of obtaining extended warranty of service. They claim that we need to extend the warranty in case of emergency or unforeseen situations.The problem with these extended warranties is that they tend to be overpriced.  However, you can get the same extended warranty absolutely free!

Most credit card companies offer an extended warranty that doubles the duration of tenure for another year or two without paying extra money. As such, you’re able to save money and prolong the warranty for your newly purchased items.  

Satisfaction Guarantee


Sometimes no matter how much we’re excited to try out a new product, we cannot say for sure that it’s the right product for us until we’ve seen it in actual form. This is the most common problems that people encounter when they’re shopping online. Satisfaction guarantee is often at risks. 

We naturally feel anxious when cases like these happen because some companies don’t offer a money-back guarantee.  Fortunately, most credit card companies offer a satisfaction guarantee service. You can apply for a full refund up to $250 per purchase. 

Zero Liability

The risks with online shopping are that we have zero liability when it comes to the goods or products we order. There are numerous risks. For one, we risk having our money forfeited if the company we’re dealing with is either a scam or a legitimate but bankrupt one. 

Two, we need to wait for the shipping and delivery time. What if the delivery is not made? However, credit card companies can save you from these headaches and risks. If you purchase a product or service through credit card, you can file dispute or fraudulent charges in case something goes wrong.    

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