In a scathing public resignation letter, one of Fox News’ longtime analysis explained why he decided to walk away from the popular US television network. In his statement, Colonel Peters accused the organization for its dishonesty towards viewers and serving as a ‘propaganda machine’ for Trump administration.

Ralph Peters has been part of the Fox Network for ten years before quitting earlier this week

A Public Resignation Letter

Colonel Peters, who has been with Fox News during most of his television career, recently quit his job as a strategic analyst and exposed the organization for what it really is. In his resignation letter to Fox, which was obtained and published by New York Times, Peters said that he could no longer keep a clean conscience while working for an organization that is intentionally harming the public interest and democracy for its own profit.

Before joining Fox News as one of their most reputable analysts, Peters had served in the United States Army and retired as lieutenant colonel, but he had a sudden change of heart last week after being on the network for years. The resignation letter which was sent out to his colleagues indicated that his decision was influenced by the Network’s excessive coverage of Donald Trump other prime-time hosts who share the same beliefs and values as the current president of the United States.

A Propaganda Machine

The degeneration of the network from an authentic news platform to a ‘propaganda machine’ for a destructive administration, was the main motivation behind his decision to resign

Peters further elaborated that in his view, Fox was no longer the legitimate platform for providing outlet for conservative views that it had once been known and praised for.

Where once he felt proud of the association that gave voice to legitimate conservative views like his, now, Peters felt nothing but ashamed to be a part of it. Although he didn’t cite any names in his letter, the former Fox analyst revealed that some of the channel’s prime-time anchors have been dishonest in their allegations against the Justice Department, FBI, federal courts, and even the military community which Peters was formerly a part of.

He claimed that the organization went a step too far after launching a barrage of devious assaults against a genuine military hero and public servant like Robert Mueller who is currently leading the investigation to prove potential collusion between Trump and Russia during the 2016 presidential elections.

Fox News Hits Back

In response to Peters’ letter, Fox News released a statement on Tuesday saying that the organization was ‘extremely proud’ of all of its prime-time hosts. The statement dismissed all accusations made by the former analyst, claiming that even though Peters was entitled to his opinion, the possibility that he may have chosen to write the public resignation letter in order to serve his personal agenda and gain publicity on other networks, shouldn’t be ignored.

Colonel Peters, who has voiced his strong conservative views on Fox Business Network and Fox News, had served in the army for more than 20 years before turning to the television industry for a change of career. In 2008, he landed a contract with Fox after working as a commentator for other television networks throughout the late 1990s.

Over the past few years, Peters has shown strong support for 2003 Iraq invasion and the idea of confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin. Moreover, he has also derailed Barack Obama’s foreign policies and used profound language to describe the former President of the United States in 2015 which even got him suspended from the network temporarily.

:Fox News maintained harsh views against former President Barack Obama due to various conflicts with his administration

The letter read that Peters had informed the network about his resignation on the first of March and said that he no longer wished to renew his yearly contract which is set for termination at the end of March. The former analyst assured that Fox network had been nothing but good to him during the decade that he spent with them and his decision to quit had more to do with his own conscience than the network’s treatment towards him.

Peters concluded his message by insuring that his intention was not put each and every one of the Fox News hosts in bad light. Some of them had actually shown courage and fought against the network’s poisonous ideology to fill the minds of the viewers with alternate facts and biased viewpoints.

Do you think Peters is telling the truth about Fox News or could this be a clever stunt to gain popularity?

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