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Got a Couple Mill? Kid Rock Just Listed His House on the Market for an Astounding Price

Celebrity homes in Detroit are selling like hot cake, and Kid Rock has decided to join the party. Do you think that the sale of Aretha Franklin’s estate in Bloomfield Hills had anything to do with the rock artist listing his? Whatever the case, Kid Rock’s asking price is $2.2 million if you’ve got the dough.

Kid Rock has joined the house selling party

The six-bedroom residence is located on the eastern side of the Michigan city and is privileged to be one of the few homes on Detroit River. One other similar residence is the city’s official mayoral mansion, so Kid Rock’s house is in some elite company, don’t you think?

Classic Home

Being a rock artist, the singer-songwriter’s home isn’t anything you’d normally associate with him. The residence was put up in 1930 and is a “classic” home in every sense of the word. Crystal chandeliers, tin ceilings, wood beams, white paneling, and a magnificent staircase. Do all these spell Kid Rock to you? And yet there’s more, so much more.

Classic in every sense of the word

For three stories, the home is deserving of several living rooms, no? They’re definitely necessary for comfort on any floor, whichever one you find yourself on. For official business, the house has you sorted with a library, after which you can have a toast at the well-equipped bar after striking that deal. Convenient, right? There’s also a card table you’d love if you play.

Wining and dining is essential, is it not? As such, a residence as grand as this needs to have a kitchen and a dining area befitting its standard, and it does. The kitchen is all-white, and after you’ve whipped up that meal, you get to serve it to your guests in a formal dining room, which, opposite to the kitchen, is all red.

The master suite is one to die for, custom bath and all. It also has stunning views of the Belle Isle Park and Detroit River, and who wouldn’t love watching the contrast of a setting sun on the river’s waters?

Custom bath and all

Massive Revamping

Going by the details provided in this house’s listing, the residence has been renovated several times. Among the additions that the revamping brought in were two outdoor televisions that are reliably functional all year round, a top-notch entertainment system, a two-car garage, a break wall, and a magnificent boathouse.

Robert Ritchie is reported to be the residence’s owner, and rest easy if you’ve never heard of the name before, since it’s actually Kid Rock’s legal name. What if it were also his stage name? Though they say there’s a lot behind why an artist chooses a stage persona, Kid Rock would still have as much success as he’s had so far going by his birth name. Maybe we’d even call him Bobby Ritchie. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

The singer bought the house back in 2012 after it was listed for $465,000 the previous year. Why is he selling it that expensive though, you ask? The multiple renovations of course, plus who would mind making a profit?

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