Is there anything as confusing as Jamie Foxx’s relationship situation? The actor and singer has been “stringing along” Katie Holmes for the past few years, and the only people who clearly understand what’s going on there are the two of them.

Only the two of them know what’s going on for sure

As we ushered in the new year, this “maybe couple” was spending the holidays together on a yacht, leading everyone to think that 2019 would be the year Foxx finally decided to fully commit to Holmes. But guess what? How wrong we were!

Different Ladies Each Time

The man has been spotted regularly with a different woman by his side each time, including Jessica Szohr. To add insult to injury, Foxx casually dropped the bombshell that he was single during the Oscars, sending us into yet another confusing cruise.

In March, however, the paparazzi spotted him having the time of his life with Holmes, and we absolutely had no idea what to make of it. Totally confusing, right?

Come April, and word on the street was that Jamie Foxx was parting with a considerable amount of money on the account of a special someone. Who could the person have been?

Turns out, it was Kristin Grannis, his ex-wife and mother to his daughter Annalise. Jamie bought the two a $1.7 million house, and who would fault him for that? He only had his daughter’s best interests at heart.

Jamie Foxx in Disneyland with ex-wife and daughter

Unfortunately, rumor had it that there was actually someone taking issue with this – Suri Cruise. If you have no idea who this is, she’s Katie Holmes’ 12-year-old daughter. All the same, she wasn’t exactly mad that Jamie had bought his ex a house, but rather how he affects her mom.

According to an unnamed source, Suri’s age allows her to grasp a lot, and one of the things that irk her just so happens to be Jamie Foxx’s neverending drama and the fact that her mother is always at his beck and call.

As the source continued to explain, Suri would have preferred not having to deal with everything that came along with having the actor cum singer in her mom’s call.

But how credible was this source? Bravo reported that this source may not have been one to be believed, claiming that Jamie Foxx had been the father figure present in Suri Cruise’s life at a time when her real dad, Tom Cruise, had been missing in action.

Responsible Dad

All the same, the fact that the man bought his baby mama and daughter a house proved that he is indeed a responsible dad and that he is working towards cultivating a better relationship with the two of them.

Responsible dad 🙂

Back in 2017, Richard, Grannis’ dad, admitted to Radar that his daughter’s relationship with Jamie Foxx was increasingly becoming tense, largely due to the man’s many other relationships. If you were Grannis, you’d take issue with such a situation too, wouldn’t you?

As Richard explained, what made it even more complicated was the fact that Annalise was picking up some things, and all the drama was quite unnecessary for the young kid. Two years later, it seems Jamie Foxx is working to rectify his mistakes, and it’s never too late to do that.

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