When Square and Twitter are not keeping Jack Dorsey busy, the tycoon spends his spare time relaxing at his Sea Cliff, San Francisco abode. The luxurious home is set over a buff, allowing one to get lost in the breathtaking views of the bay. Unfortunately, the thick layer of fog that’s almost always present cuts this pleasure short. Still, it doesn’t make the home any less beautiful.

Wonder if Dorsey ever has free time?

The tech mogul acquired this piece of property back in 2012, spending a lavish $10 million while at it. Having co-founded two companies worth billions of dollars, why not go hard when looking for the perfect place to lay your head at night?

A Shocker

But if you thought $10 million was quite the amount, be ready for a shocker. Apparently, Dorsey loves his compound so much that he’s been planning to expand it. How best to do this but acquire the property next door?

And best believe that he’s really keen on expanding his initial compound, having splashed $21.9 million to take his neighbor’s house off their hands. Yeah, you saw that right. $20 million plus. All for an expansion project.

That you’re only hearing of this now shouldn’t let you think that pieces of news pass you by. The house wasn’t even listed. The change of ownership happened off-market late last year, a very under-wraps move, despite it being one for the history books.

The $21.9 million paid for the house is now a Sea Cliff record, being the highest amount that has been paid for a piece of property in the region. The previous record sat at $18 million, a purchase made in 2009 by Marc Benioff, the Salesforce billionaire.

Unluckily for us, the fact that this transaction was an off-market sale means that there are little to no images of the house to ogle over. However, records on the house do exist, showing that it was put up in 1962.

Now that there are no awesome house pictures, a beardless Dorsey will have to do

The records also go on to state that the two-storied building boasts five beds complemented with three baths, and that the house sits on approximately 3,600 square feet. The compound also features a garage suitable for two cars, and similar to Dorsey’s original house, it is set over a bluff.

The two compounds are also big on privacy, both being invisible to curious eyes. Thick foliage sees to this, coupled with the fact that the two homes are dangerously close to the edge of the cliff.

Mad Profit!

Wonder how much profit the sellers got by selling their house to Dorsey? The CEO’s neighbors were a Thai family, who had acquired the property in 1997 for a mere $2.85 million. I guess they smiled all the way to the bank once they completed this particular sale!

7,300 sq. feet of Sea Cliff land is now in Dorsey’s name

With this new property, Dorsey now owns at least 7,300 sq. feet of Sea Cliff land, boasting a combined seven bedrooms. What’s more, it is all a personal private sanctuary, with ancient trees in the region having him covered. The place is also known for its abundance in wildlife, so he’s living in one of nature’s finest places!

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