There’s no doubt that Katy Perry is one of the most beloved singers in the music industry. She has enjoyed great success in her career and even on social media holding the current record for being the most followed person on Twitter.

One would think the main barrier to getting your dream house has to be money. But not in Perry’s case. The pop star has made a lot of money from music but still hasn’t been able to purchase her dream house. What’s holding her back exactly? The answer might actually surprise you.

A medieval-style house for a modern superstar

The Nuns Don’t Approve

Since 2013, Katy Perry has her eyes on a spectacular convent that she really wants to purchase. But unluckily, she has been tangled in a legal battle with the nuns who had previously resided on the property.

The real estate was a former convent owned by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The nuns have proven to be a strong barrier to Katy Perry’s dream of owning the house considering the legal battle is ongoing for almost seven years now.

The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) bought the magnificent house in 1972 and had been their home up until 2011. They sold it to Dana Hollister, a California developer, and restaurateur.

The Sisters believed that unlike Katy Perry, Hollister was going to keep the house open to the public, just like Sir Daniel Donohue, the previous owner before the Sisters, had wanted.

The main issue is that both the nuns and Archdiocese feel that they have the legal right to sell the property. The property was called Earle C. Anthony house after its initial owner by Bernard Maybeck, it’s designer.

It’s a 30,000 square-foot manor with medieval features and architecture built in 1927. The convent is located in Los Feliz, southern California and has a splendid view of the Los Angeles area cityscape and mountains.

The Anthony house that has caused a six-year court battle

Katy Perry intends to make a home from the former convent, but the nuns won’t let her live in their previous home. When the singer showed interest back in 2013, she met with the Sisters to woo them into selling her the house.

Earle C. Anthony is valued at $14.5 million, and Katy Perry is ready to pay it! The nuns have fought this purchase in a bitter court battle that ended up in a perplexing courthouse death in 2018.

One of the nuns, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, died in court after pleading with Katy Perry to stop the deal. The nun left behind is fighting the case and claims that Katy Perry has “blood on her hands”.

The Property’s Design

Since it was built, the property has gone through a series of renovations on account of the frequent changes in ownership. However, most of its spectacular medieval features have been maintained.

The acreage makes the house very rare and thus a Million Dollar Listing. Josh Altman claims that if the house was located in Beverly Hills, it would have most likely fetched $50 million. However, someday, the property will be worth $35 million.

It includes several fountains and cherub sculptures all over the property as well as a swimming pool and prayer house adjoining the central house. The interior bears a medieval aesthetic with gothic scones and dome-shaped halls.

Domed features to complement the medieval style

Although the Los Angeles courts were on the singer’s side, the Vatican is still uncertain of a decision. The Earle C. Anthony house is currently on the market.


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