Daenerys Targaryen. Does her name give you the same thrill it did before you watched the last two episodes of Game of Thrones? In as much as I may have loved watching Drogon burn King’s Landing, I hated what it meant for Danny. She had finally gone mad, just like her father did many years ago.

Is that the ending we wanted to see for the character we have followed for all these years? And if it really had to go down that road, couldn’t the showrunners have done a better job of leading us there? Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

Danny’s character took a shocking turn in the final season of Game of Thrones

Today it’s all about Emilia Clarke, the actress who so marvelously played Daenerys on the HBO hit show. And for a series as big as GoT, you better believe that the show has made Ms. Clarke quite the wealthy lady.

Big Bucks per Episode

Although no one is really sure what the actress made between seasons one to four, it is public knowledge (reported by Deadline) that Emilia and her co-stars pocketed $300,000 for each episode in the following two seasons. Doing the math, she made approximately $6 million from season five and six, given that each season had ten episodes.

For seasons seven and eight, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the actress renegotiated her contract to $1.1 million per episode. The penultimate season had seven episodes, while this last one had six. How much is that? $14.3 million!

When asked about her paycheck during a Vanity Fair interview last year, the actress avoided saying the exact amount she was being paid but confirmed she made sure to receive as much as her male co-stars.

If you made $1.1 million weekly, wouldn’t you be smiling your way to the bank like this

It Isn’t All GoT

Obviously, Emilia Clarke hasn’t made all her money from her GoT exploits. The actress has appeared on the silver screen, with the IMDB suggesting that she made her debut in 2010’s Triassic Attack.

She wasn’t just about to let opportunities pass her by, and the actress has starred in a dozen movies since then. You must have seen her in Terminator: Genisys and Solo: A Star Wars Story. And who can forget her moving performance as Lou in Me Before You?

Unfortunately, her salary for any of these major titles wasn’t revealed, but with the millions they made, she must have taken home a nice package from each of them.

Me Before You made $208 million globally, while A Star Wars Story made $393 million. For Terminator: Genisys, Express reported that Emilia made over £5 million, more than what co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger made.

Emilia in character as Lou

Other works in Emilia’s portfolio include voicing characters, most notably on Robot Chicken and Futurama. And of course, a pretty face like hers must have caught the attention of the fashion world.

In 2017, the actress was the face of D&G, and she has worked with numerous other brands. She was even part of a jewelry campaign by Christian Dior in 2015.

Overall, the actress is worth $13 million, Money reports. Given the niche she’s created for herself playing Danny, you can be sure that more checks will come her way, and her net worth will only increase.

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