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Soho Are You Ready? Rihanna’s Fashion Empire Is Ready to Take Over New York

Rihanna’s got some serious bank being the richest female artist in the world and all, but that’s not stopping her from creating more wealth. It’s hardly ever enough, isn’t it?

Conquering music and business as only Rihanna can

She has conquered the entertainment industry as a songstress and the business world as the boss lady she is. Rihanna is the definition of beauty with brains — with vocals to die for. Talk of a perfect combination!

SoHo, Are You Ready?

BET, quoting WWD, recently reported that the Barbadian singer would be making major moves in SoHo, NYC, in a move meant to widen the scope of her clothing line, FENTY.

According to them, Riri would soon be bringing her clothes to The Webster, and knowing her, she couldn’t have gone for a lesser boutique. The Webster would, consequently, remain a FENTY retailer, being the line’s first retailer in the state.

rMuch credit is given to the artist since she’s always about working hard, despite having a billionaire for a boyfriend. Truth be told, some ladies would be happy lazing around, being the trophy girlfriend. After all, they wouldn’t want for anything. But Rihanna isn’t just “some lady” now, is she?

Having a billionaire boyfriend doesn’t make RiRi lazy

Although FENTY BEAUTY has been around since 2017 and has done pretty well for itself, it was all a cosmetics brand. It wasn’t until May this year that Rihanna dropped her luxury clothing line, proving to the world that she wasn’t around to play. If we didn’t know better, we’d say that she’s forsaken her music and gone full throttle into business.

May 24 was the actual launching date, and with it came something for the history books. Designing a line with LMVH, Rihanna became the pioneer black woman to do so, and she described her partnership with them as an incredible and special one.

Speaking to Business of Fashion, she also revealed that the fashion house had accorded her all the artistic freedom she would require, and she couldn’t be more ready to show off her collection to the world.

Two Sides, One Coin

Concerning why she decided to use another name for her business brand instead of eponymously naming it, Rihanna revealed that she wanted a marked distinction between her music and her business ventures.

Where she got FENTY from is anybody’s guess, but doesn’t her sentiment confirm that she isn’t done with music? She may even be dropping something soon – hopefully.

New music is coming – hopefully

Running away from the norm of clothing line launching, Riri ensured that there was no runway show for FENTY. Reason? She didn’t want her potential customers seeing pieces that were not ready for sale yet, then have them spend months waiting for them to hit their nearest store. Thoughtful, no?

As for how much wearing Rihanna will cost you, bear in mind that she launched her line under the luxury tag. According to T Magazine, you’ll have to part with $1,100 to own Rihanna’s denim corset and $480 to wear her sunglasses.

For sandals, write a $670 check, and if you’re one for ear cuffs, be ready with $420. Feel that cold sweat yet? For this price range, these items better be top notch!

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