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Alex Rodriguez Is Putting up 2 Valuable Paintings for Sale, and They Cost MILLIONS!

The level of Alex Rodriguez’s commitment is astonishing. The former baseball player, who is presently engaged to Jennifer Lopez, intends to start a shared art collection with the famous singer and actress.

This means taking out their previous personally owned paintings, to make room for mutually selected art. These two love birds do not go by the traditional norm of “what’s mine is yours” when it comes to art collection. Needless to say, this is a big step for the couple.

Who knew this former baseball player could be an art lover?

A-Rod Beginning A New Art Collection with J-Lo

Rodriguez has undeniably had a lengthy and prosperous career in baseball. But just like many other athletes, he had to retire at some point. He now has a job as a television analyst and also established A-rod Corporation, which has investments in a variety of sectors such as real estate.

According to Bloomberg reports, A-Rod is flushing out two of his paintings for them to commence art collection as a pair. The previous New York Yankees player is certainly an art lover.

For the two famous figures to decide on a united art collection, it shows just how committed they both are to each other. The fact that A-rod is willing to sell highly priced paintings for the course, the pair must be really serious art collectors.

Famous couple to start a mutually selected art collection

A-Rod’s Painting Sale

The former baseball player is giving up a 1984 Jean-Michel Basquiat painting famously known as Pink Elephant with Fire Engine. He is also selling a Richard Price Mustang Painting of 2024-2016. Rodriguez hangs both pieces in his home at Coral Gables, Florida.

Although the actual value of the two pieces will probably be determined sometime in the future, they are both currently valued a $6.5 million. The Basquiat piece is estimated to sell between three million to four million pounds, while the Price Painting is valued between 700,000 to one million pounds.

People who know A-rod as an esteemed baseball player may be in the dark regarding his art collection endeavors. However, he has brought about a great reputation as a knowledgeable collector. So basically, we are not surprised that he and J-Lo are actually looking to collect as a couple.

A-Rod hangs both pieces on his walls in Coral Gables

Soon, on the 27th of June, the two pieces will be auctioned in London at an auction house known as Philips. Robert Manley, who is Phillip’s worldwide co-head, gave his view on A-rod’s art in advance of the auction.

He mentioned that A-rod has cemented his legacy as a baseball player in history, but very few people are aware of his art collection.

Manley added that the former player had a collection of exquisite works from desired artists and they were without a doubt honored to be entrusted with his prized possessions.

Art lovers are excited to see what next step Lopez and Rodriguez will take after the sale. We can’t wait to see what pieces amaze the two; not as individuals, but as a couple.


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