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YouTube Stars With INSANE Paychecks, You Won’t Believe How Much They Earn per Minute

Thus far, the 21st century has been really something, don’t you think? We’ve seen technological advancements that seemed impossible years back, but didn’t Nelson Mandela say that it always seems impossible until someone does it?

With the internet came social media platforms, and this is where everyone seems to thrive nowadays. Who isn’t on at least one platform? Those who have mastered the social media world are referred to as influencers, and they make quite the insane amount of money for just being online.

The infamous Paul brothers of YouTube

Influencer or YouTube Star?

If we were to list three of the most famous social media apps, don’t you agree that we’d have to mention at the very least Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube? And while anyone with a huge following on any platform is deemed an influencer, those on YouTube are referred to as YouTube stars.

If you aren’t one, you most definitely aspire to join the ranks. These stars make millions just by engaging their subscribers online, but they, of course, have to partner with various other organizations to market and push their products or services.

Which of these names rings a bell? PewDiePie, Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, Logan Paul. If they’re yet to register, these are some of the individuals making a killing on YouTube. The fun part is most of them aren’t even 21 yet, but they may just be worth more than what some of us will ever have in our entire lives.

You don’t buy it? Let’s break it down then, bearing in mind that they all didn’t post the same amount of content. As such, one star may have made more money overall, but another one who earned less collectively made more for each minute they were online. Get it?

Jacksepticeye, whose real name is Seán McLoughlin was eighth on the highest earning YouTubers of 2018 list, making a whopping $16 million. That translates to $1,075.57 for each minute he was online! He hails from Ireland, and fans are attracted to his channel thanks to his commentary on video games.

Jacksepticeye’s video game commentaries draw subscribers to his channel

Markiplier (real name Mark Fischbach) came sixth with his $17.5 million, equivalent to $1,393.41 per minute. He is also focused on gaming, although he plans to use his YouTube fame to kickstart a career in the acting and music industries.

At number four was DanTDM (Daniel Middleton) who made $18.5 million. Want to guess how much that was per minute? $1,487.74! A gamer just as the previous two, DanTDM chooses to focus most of his content on Minecraft, making sure to post gameplay videos and reviews daily.

PewDiePie in the Thick of It

PewDiePie couldn’t fail to make it to this list, don’t you think? And coming in at number nine, the YouTuber whose official name is Felix Kjellberg made a cool $15.5 million, which for him was $3,319.71. Crazy, right? But the guy thrives on controversy, and that’s just the kind of thing that attracts the online community to your channel.

PewDiePie thrives on controversy

While so far these may seem like insane amounts to earn per minute, none comes close to Dude Perfect’s $85,026.78. Third, on 2018’s list of top-earning YouTubers with an overall of $20 million, the channel is managed by five friends who played basketball while in high school. Now, they make millions by posting sports tricks and funny videos. What an awesome life!

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