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Surefire Tips To Get A High Email Open Rate

In this modern digital world, the email has become one of the most important forms of communication. Without an email address, it is difficult—and sometimes impossible—to create any account on the Internet.  It serves as your unique identifier, just like your name and physical address. Emails are also used to relay important and confidential messages. Moreover, emails act as an incredibly important tool in promoting business campaigns and reaching out to clients.  

Unfortunately, people sometimes abuse emails.  Instead of using them to communicate important messages, they use email to spam you with nonsense. Others use emails to spread malware and hack into other people’s accounts. Therefore, you should be wary of opening emails from strangers. But for those who are in legitimate business companies, how can they ensure that a high percentage of opened emails in their marketing campaigns? Here are some surefire tips for email marketing.

Here are some surefire tips for email marketing.

“On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out 10 will read the rest.”Brian Clark

 Have a Creative Subject Line

Your subject line is the most crucial determinant of whether your email campaign will be effective or not. Most of the time, your subscribers’ decision to open the email will be based on your subject line. Here are some tips on how to create a catchy subject line:

  • Avoid using generic terms, be personalized and specific. For example, instead of saying “Your Order Has Been Placed,” you can try “Order number XXXXXX Has Been Placed”. This also goes with your introduction. Instead of saying “Dear Valued Customer”, personalize it with “Dear (Customer Name).” Most customers prefer to have their emails personalized. It’s because most customers wanted to feel special. They want to feel as if you’re going an extra mile to communicate with them. T
  • Keep it Short and To the Point.Most of your customers are professionals and do not have ample time to read hundreds or even thousands of emails.Therefore, be precise.

 Try A/B Testing

You need to be able to determine what your customers want. Therefore, it is important f to experiment with different email campaigns to determine which one is the most effective. One way of doing that is by conducting A/B tests. You can segment your customers using demographics such as age, country/region, and gender. Send them separate emails and see which email ones have the highest open rates.

Time Your Email Campaigns

One of the most crucial things you need to consider when sending out your email campaigns is your timeframe. Do you need to send an email to your customers every day? We don’t think so. In fact, that will only annoy them. We recommend that you do it once or twice a week. Apart from that, you need to time your schedule.

Your customers are most likely to check their emails in the morning before 8 am and after the office time from 5 pm to 7 pm. Make sure you send your emails within the timeframe where your target audience is active and not working. You can also try to conduct some experiments during weekends to determine what appropriate time you should send your emails.

Keep Your List Fresh

One of the reasons why email accounts get suspended is because of the high rate of spam reports by customers. While you don’t really have a control over that, the best you can do is to keep your list fresh and updated. Just because a certain customer has clicked ‘unsubscribe’ doesn’t mean they will be off your list. Sometimes bugs do occur. Therefore, we recommend that you drop those customers who are inactive or with low open rates. The chances are high that they’re getting annoyed with your emails. 


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