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Terminally Ill 11-Year-Old Girl Receives the Most Heart-Warming Present from Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran isn’t just one of the most successful singer-songwriters in the music industry, but he is also one of the most charitable ones who believes in giving back to his fans for all the fame and fortune he has been blessed with. The Thinking Out Loud singer recently added another heart-warming gesture to his long list of good deeds, and fans all around the world are loving him for his benevolent side.

Melody Driscoll with her parents, Nigel and Karina

An Act of Kindness Towards a Young Fan

Ed Sheeran has proven once again that he has a heart of solid gold after he donated his personal guitar to an 11-year-old terminally ill superfan last week. Sheeran first visited young Melody Driscoll in hospital in 2016 and has ever since built a special relationship with her by treating her to a private concert last May and sending a plethora of gifts and well wishes on the daily.

Ed Sheeran admitted that the young superfan’s fighting spirit and positivity towards life despite her terminal illness is a true inspiration to him, and through their special bond, the pop star hopes to raise awareness for the rare disorder which seriously affects the mental and physical development in children.

The donation from the pop hitmaker comes at a trying period in Melody’s life when her family is in the midst of an expensive lawsuit over allegations that they’re failing to provide proper care for their terminally ill child. The legal battle could cost the 11-year-old’s parents, Nigel and Karina $50,000, according to a news report published by The Mirror.

Ed Sheeran’s gift to the 11-year-old, who suffers from a genetic disorder called the Rett Syndrome, is his personal guitar which he hopes will help raise funds for Melody’s treatment

Sheeran’s Growing Relationship with the 11-Year-Old

According to the NHS, Retts syndrome is a rare and debilitating genetic disorder which affects 1 in 12,000 girls every year, causing mental and physical disabilities – but is rarely reported in men.

Melody’s mother Karina says that she is completely blown away by Ed’s generosity towards the entire family, and she will make sure that his beloved guitar finds a worthy owner. The music instrument is personally signed by the 27-year-old pop idol with a message that reads, “Play this guitar. Lots of Love, Ed.”

Karina said in an interview that Melody’s painful stomach cramps have improved drastically ever since her doctors at the London’s King’s College Hospital stopped prescribing her pain medications and Ed’s financial and emotional support over the past few years has helped 11-year-old Melody continue her battle against the terminal illness.

The 11-year-old fighter has undergone more than 40 expensive medical procedures so far and her parents consider her a living miracle. In May, Melody was treated to a one-on-one date with Ed Sheeran in a private concert hall where the pop singer sang his superfan’s favorite songs. Karina said that it was one of the most special moments in her daughter’s life who was spoiled rotten by Ed.

A Surprise Visit at the Hospital

Ed Sheeran during one of his many visits at the hospital where Melody gets her constant treatment

The 11-year-old’s mother revealed that Ed had constantly stayed in touch with Melody ever since his first surprise visit at Epsom Hospital last year after the young girl’s surgery where he serenaded her with gifts, live singing performance and hugs. The visit came after melody’s parents started an online campaign requesting the 27-year-old popstar to visit their terminally ill daughter and give her the surprise of her lifetime. A few months later, their wish came true as Ed’s manager got in touch with Karina to let her know that hitmaker wanted to come surprise young Melody after her difficult surgery.

Dr. Ruth Charles, who was present at the time of the surprise visit said the hospital staff was extremely grateful that the famous singer took out time from his busy schedule to meet Melody and other children in the ward.

Karina said that Ed’s music had played a huge role in Melody’s life and the lyrics to his songs had given her strength in the times she needed it the most. Seeing her one true idol in person and being able to hug and kiss him was truly a dream-come-true moment for the young patient.

How would you react if your favorite music idol paid you a surprise visit one day?

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