Despite Uber’s IPO not going quite as expected, it did leave the company’s founders swimming in cash. Not that they weren’t already filthy rich, but when has money ever been enough?

That Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick are now feeling flush has increased their appetite for real estate. At the moment, Kalanick has a $40.5 million deal going down, with a penthouse in Manhattan being at the heart of it all. As if that’s not all, he’s also been on the market in search of luxurious Los Angeles estates.


Camp is making big moves in silence

Camp has also not been left behind, but he’s making his moves in a bit of silence as compared to his co-founder. He is the conservative one of the two, after all. When it comes to who commands more attention in the public domain, that prize unquestionably goes to Kalanick.

Fortune-wise, however, the two almost equal. Reports suggest that Camp’s net worth sits at an estimated $4 billion, making him one of the top ten wealthiest Canadians. As such, he can, in theory, afford any residence he sets his sights on.

But in the spirit of being conservative, Camp isn’t going for any of the flashy Bel Air mansions. Instead, both he and Eliza Nguyen (his partner) have opted for two Hollywood foothill homes. Although the two pieces of property are not contiguous, they located on the same road, a dead-end for that matter. Simply put, the road leads you to either home and nowhere else.

A Hollywood foothill home doesn’t come cheap

A Hollywood foothill home can’t have come cheap, right? Yeah, definitely. Each home cost them millions, but the total of $15 million Camp and Nguyen paid is fairly modest compared to what fellow billionaires spend for their homes. Kalanick is spending $40 million in Manhattan!

Frugal and Modest

When it comes to buying residential property, Camp’s signature move lies in being frugal. Back in 2016, the couple snatched up a $6.1 million casita designed by Hal Levitt, a piece of property that is big on privacy.

It is literally invisible to anyone out on the street, and it features a humongous gate plus a long and winding driveway. Sitting on 3,726 sq. feet, the main house boasts five beds complete with a similar amount of baths.

The residence is largely made of glass, bringing out a striking contrast between the house and the lush landscape surrounding it. A vegetable garden adds to the already appealing scenery, making the sight to die for. Additionally, two detached pavilions serve as the residence’s gym.

The glassy stunner

Camp and Nguyen picked up the second home in March this year at a fee estimated to be around $9.6 million. It is only three doors away from their initial home, and it resembles it by being a glassy stunner.

The couple’s new home is actually a brand new structure, having just been completed late last year. As such, best believe that it is as modern as houses come. It is also big on privacy and features a home theatre, a garage, and a master suite fit for royalty. Check it out here!

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