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Yes, Jay-Z Made History on Forbes Billionaire List, But Kanye West Isn’t Too Far Behind

Kanye West always finds a way to get himself on the headlines, and it’s almost always for a controversial reason. However, if we’re to be honest, the rapper gets almost as much positive publicity, and he seems to have figured out the middle ground. We love to hate him as much as we hate that we love him, no?

Always on the news

Historical event

This time around, Kanye is on the news for a historical event in his life. For the first time, the father of four has featured on the Forbes list of the richest rappers, coming in at number four. That’s some achievement!

Kanye even ranks higher than Drake this time, although the Canadian has previously been on the list before. Still, being a first-timer doesn’t belittle Kanye’s great strides! If anything, it is the representation of the hard work the man puts in, from his music to his business ventures.

Forbes even credits a huge chunk of the rapper’s fortune to his Adidas partnership, with the company promoting Kanye’s clothing line. The magazine also predicts that if the partnership scales up as it has been, it won’t be long before Kanye is a billionaire. And hasn’t Jay Z proven that it is indeed possible?

With Jay-Z leading the path, Kanye is headed towards greater success

Of course, Kanye West’s music also contributes to his $240 million net worth. The artist has nine albums to his name, and eight of them have hit the top spot on the Billboard chart. The man also doubles up as a music producer, producing singles and albums for a host of other artists.

For his efforts in the entertainment industry, Kanye boasts 21 Grammy Awards, and many consider his music as among the best-selling of all time. Why not, when the man is a host of pure talent!

50 Percent Is Hardly Enough

According to Forbes, Drake’s fortune grew by over more than 50%, but that still wasn’t enough to beat Kanye. The magazine reports that Drake’s net worth is currently at $150 million, leaving him fifth on that highly coveted list.

With Kanye as fourth, P. Diddy’s $740 million ranks him third, Dr. Dre comes in second with $800 million, and the big man himself, Jay-Z, leads the pack with $1 billion.

The talented rapper has accumulated quite a few Grammys

With his current net worth, Jay-Z made history by becoming the first billionaire rapper in history. When he claims he is the business, we better believe him! The man’s got bank!

Have you noticed anything in common with the five names on that Forbes list? In addition to being lyrical geniuses, these men are quite the entrepreneurs. They may lead the lavish lifestyle, but we could learn a thing or two about their money moves, as well as their journeys to success.

First, having multiple sources of income is golden. If you have a chance at diversifying your efforts, don’t squander it! Additionally, you should never let your past define you. These men grew up in tough neighborhoods, best believe it. Jay-Z’s dad, Adnis Reeves, abandoned his family when his children were still young. Did that stop the young lad from chasing his dreams? His name is now forever etched in history!

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