It’s always fun to release stress, enjoy the company of friends and have a drink after a long day. The state of drunkenness is reached when one takes in more than the amount of alcohol he/she can handle. In parties, or even when just chilling and drinking into the night, there are different kinds of drunkards you could meet. Some could irritate you while others could really amaze you.

“A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk.”– Charlie Chaplin

“I am Universe” Drunks

These are drunks that may or may not own the crowd. Ones who can’t help but shout every single word that goes out of their mouth. They think everybody pays attention and doesn’t care about anything but themselves. They express themselves as if they were the only person in the world.



These drunks are the total opposite. They mostly, sit alone and look far away to the ocean when beaches are available. They get drunk because they have worries and are lonely. The emo drunks prefer the quiet than the noise in the middle of the party. Usually, they don’t like socializing with others.

The Talkers 

These ones talk endlessly even when your ears get tired of listening. You will be amazed at the energy that these drunks have accumulated and converted into talking. They are the ones you just nod to and pretend to agree with even when you don’t quite get what they have said as long as the conversation ends. 

The Social Drunkards

This type of drunks are the ones who cannot help themselves but associate with each and every character present at the party. They are all over the pool, the terrace, the gate, and up in every corner of the party. 


Most drunks walk this way, yes. However, we are not referring at the walk here. It’s the manner of head movement that these drunks have when they’re sitting drunk. Usually, the movement is followed by a smile or a laugh about nothing in particular.


These drunks pretty much talk about the past, their frustrations, and every bit of detail they can remember. You will be amazed by the gravity of these drunks’ recall in the memory department. This history may or may not include you. Therefore, you may have to make sure that your secrets will still be secrets in the morning.

The Guru 

This drunk pretty much gives advice to anyone and everyone about anything and everything. This drunk is the all-knowing member of the squad. Usually, he rants off about something you already know and believes to be the most perfect among humankind.

The Flirt 

This drunk goes to parties for the sole purpose of flirting and getting drunk on the way. This drunk could also be a walking one-night-stand. Present at the party, he sets his eyes on the target. When unsuccessful, goes to the next one until he gets what he came for.

The affectionate 

socialThis drunk is so affectionate that he can’t help the activation of a sense of touch. He would get your attention and try to look at you in the eyes while talking nonsense. In a display of his affection, you should expect a tap, a high five, and hugs when you’re in his range.

The Regretter 

This drunk, with a dose of booze, does things he doesn’t usually do. Most of the things he does in the state of drunkenness will not be remembered in the morning. 

The Fighter 

This drunk acts not only as if he owns the world but also as if no one else can stop him from punching a dude or two. This may be due to personal reasons, but better steer clear when this drunk comes for trouble.

The Eater 

This drunk mostly likes to listen. It is into listening that the magic happens, but as the other drunkard rants off, ‘the eater’ listens very carefully and after an hour of conversation, both stop to realize that ‘Viola!’ the chips are gone!

The diversity of people who drink at parties makes the chilling fun. You get to socialize and meet new friends you never thought you could get along with. What’s important is to know your limits and avoid extreme intoxication. It is also best to assign a designated driver among friends to make sure you reach home in one piece.  


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