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Are Deportations Under The Current Administration Cause for Concern?

Have Deportations Really Increased?

The interiors of the United States are witnessing a rise in deportations under the present administration led by Pres. Trump. The administration is expanding its enforcement from the border of the United States and Mexico and also looking out for communities of immigrants living deeper into the country.

The number of immigrants deported from the interiors witnessed a 34% increase over the figures registered during the same period last year, from January 22 to September 9. The number of immigrants deported during this period was nearly 54,000 and officials have confirmed that the figures are expected to climb further.

Just last week, California Governor Jerry Brown [Democrat] signed a legislation which is designed to shield the deportation of thousands of immigrants making the law effective from January 1, 2018. The US immigration and customs enforcement consider the legislation introduced by Gov. Brown a major blow to their efforts.

After signing the bill into legislation, the governor also wrote these were uncertain times for Californians and their families who do not have proper documents and decided to limit the cooperation of the state with ICE. The governor also mentioned that the legislation would bring a measure of comfort to the undocumented families that are now living in fear constantly. Was the legislation introduced by the governor just in favor of undocumented immigrants living in California? Was there a political angle to the legislation which will become a law on January 1, 2018? Let us look at the viewpoint of ICE that is in the forefront of arresting and deporting undocumented immigrants.

Legislation Undermines Public Safety Rather Than Being A Cause for Concern

Acting Director Of ICE Thomas Homan Reacted Against The Legislation

After the legislation was introduced on Thursday, the acting director of ICE Thomas Homan reacted against the law which will come into force in January and proceeded to mention that it would undermine public safety. The legislation would compel agents of ICE to apprehend immigrants at work or home which currently isn’t the practice. Presently, the immigrants are being picked up from jails when they post bail after being arrested. Homan also issued a statement mentioning that the law will enhance the possibilities of undocumented immigrants without criminal records being arrested.

The statement by the acting director of ICE mentioned the possibility of detaining individuals apprehended in California from detention centers beyond the state and away from any family they may have in California. The reactions of the acting director and the statements made by Homan clearly indicate that ICE was apprehending undocumented immigrants from detention centers after they posted bail for any offenses committed and no political motives exist behind the arrests.

The Political Angle Towards The Deportations Are Certainly A Cause for Concern

President Trump Promised Deportations Of 2 to 3 Million Undocumented Immigrants.

During the presidential campaign and after, Pres. Trump was administered the oath of office he had reminded Americans about his vows to deport undocumented immigrants including nearly 2 to 3 million criminals. The administration has come nowhere close to the figure mentioned by the President.

Apart from laws in California, battles are also ongoing in the federal court in cities and towns of Texas over laws which require local jurisdictions to detain immigrants arrested for crimes committed locally beyond their release dates to enable federal agents to take them into custody for deportation. An appeals court has already allowed part of that law to become effective. California and Texas are home to approximately 4 million undocumented immigrants and comprise a major portion of the 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.

The political angle towards the deportations is being caused because Pres. Trump was elected as a Republican nominee and the states against the deportations have democratic governments. The actions taken by the states are keeping up with the policies of the Obama era when undocumented immigrants had an easier time despite having to face the heat from the agents of ICE who deported more than 200,000 immigrants every year from the interiors. The situation seems to have changed all of a sudden because the governing authorities of the states are now raising a hue and cry on the deportation of just 54,000. The difference in numbers of deportations brings to the fore the differences which exist between the politicians of the country and namely between the Republicans and the Democrats.

Is The Real Cause for Concern The Difference Between The Political Establishments?

Undocumented Immigrants Costing Americans Billions In Tax Dollars.

Undocumented immigrants are a burden on American taxpayers and are costing them billions. The agents of ICE have been working relentlessly for a number of years and deporting hundreds of thousands every year. The policies have remained the same although a change has been witnessed in the administration governing the country. The difference between political establishments is forcing Americans to foot the bill for undocumented immigrants because one establishment is not willing to accept the decisions of the other. The cause for concern will continue to remain until the lawmakers of the country can decide on concerted actions being taken. Are Americans willing to support undocumented immigrants with their hard-earned tax dollars? Presently, it just looks like the political establishment is making every attempt to maintain the political divide without really addressing the problem of undocumented immigrants.

Would the citizens of America want to waste tax dollars on undocumented immigrants? Your opinion matters…

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